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Introduction to Avalon 2

Enjoy the fast-paced play of the Avalon 2 slot game, a medieval themed experience. It comes with most of the standard 9-A card symbols set to a bold font and bright colours, but has a range of special knight, lady, huntress and warrior images that give it a cool look and feel. Merlin the wizard makes a regular appearance on the slot, and awards special prizes or multipliers to help you win even more when you play Avalon 2.

Avalon 2 Hits & Misses

  • 8 different bonus games
  • Large jackpot amounts offered to players
  • Vibrant graphics and exciting theme
  • High quality audio brings game to life
  • Autospin feature
  • Bonus round hard to unlock
  • Can be a bit confusing the first time

Quick Facts

30p to £7.50
£.01 to £.05
8 different

Avalon 2 Overview & Key Features

With loads of great features and prizes, the Avalon 2 online slot is sure to bring you excitement and thrills. You really can go for the big money with this machine whilst playing for small stakes. It’s ever growing army of fans can testify to that. With 243 paylines and 8 different bonus features then Microgaming have come up with another classic here.

  • Avalon 2 Game Screenshot
  • Avalon 2 Game Screenshot
  • Avalon 2 Game Screenshot
  • Avalon 2 Game Screenshot

The Avalon 2 online slot machine will appeal to all different types of players due to its medium volatility. It has a generous 3% edge which means a Return to Player of 97%. This provides a fantastic springboard to reach the big 120,000 coin jackpot. Another great feature of this game is that it's available on mobile, so you can enjoy the great features and big jackpots anywhere. With a truly exciting theme and excellent graphics then this is surely a game to try.

If you like wizards and fantasy stories then you will love the Avalon 2 online slot. The great audio will only add to your playing experience. This game is well loved for its great bonus potential and huge pay outs. It is also a very easy game to learn and get to know, you'll be shooting for the big money in no time.

The key to the whole game though is the “Grail” bonus. If you can manage to land three chalice symbols or more then you will unlock this special bonus. There are also loads of free spins available around every corner. Any experienced slot machine player will tell you that it's the free spins that often lead to the big jackpots. So spin those reels and get moving and don’t be fazed by the apparent complexity. It really is a much simpler game than it first appears.

Bonus Rounds & Extras 8.5 out of 10

As you play through Avalon 2 slots you’ll want to be on the lookout for Merlin. If you get Merlin on any of your reels you’ll not only multiply any prize that you win, but you’ll receive a prize equal to your stake multiplied by 4x to 20x if you don’t win a prize. That means any time you see Merlin appear you have a nice prize coming your way. The character can help you unlock some truly large bonuses and will double or give you 4x the prize money that you would have got without him.

  • Prizes given out for lone scatter and Merlin symbols
  • Merlin multiplier
  • Scatter and wild symbols

Only a single Merlin character is needed in order to unlock all his many benefits. There is also a scatter symbol and a wild symbol that you have to be on the lookout for as you play. The wild is the Lady of the Lake image, and she can help you complete a range of bonuses. The scatter symbol is the goblet and will multiply your win and pay out no matter where it is located around the reels. These two additional symbols help to add a bit more sophistication to the game, and will be the two most common to help you unlock additional prizes as you play.


Jackpots & Bonus Games 9.5 out of 10

The main reason to play the Avalon 2 free slots game is for the special grail bonus. You unlock this feature by getting three or more of the chalice symbols, and once you do that you will be greeted with one of two different bonus games. Either a dice game or a simple value bonus where you choose a high value wild.

After you go through one of these two bonuses while playing the Avalon 2 slot machine, you move on to choosing either the third or fourth bonuses. You’ll choose between Whispering Woods, which lets you pick from one of five options that can land you up to 160x your original stake. The fourth is the Forest Falls, which gives you 20 free spins with prizes of their face value. There are eight bonus games in all and you move through seven of them each time that you trigger the bonus rounds. While going through all these different bonuses you have many different opportunities to win money and to maximize your overall prize.

It’s the bonuses that separate Avalon 2 from many other video slots. It has far more than most other games do, and you’ll find yourself enjoying them and all the options that they give you when you finally unlock them.

It sounds confusing to think that you will be playing through 8 different games while playing these slot machines, but nothing could be further from the truth. The games are simple to play and you are moved from one to the next smoothly so that you never have to worry about figuring out how to play. You’ll get very used to the different games after a few playthroughs, and eventually you’ll know exactly what to expect and how you should react as you play the many different games.

Mobile Play 8.0 out of 10

It’s entirely possible to play Avalon 2 free on a mobile device. You don’t even have to worry about downloading specialized software in order to enjoy the game. Simply visit a site that offers Avalon 2 and go to the mobile section of that site. You’ll see that the game is readily available and will likely work with most of the devices that you have. You could use a tablet or a smartphone with the game.

There are also apps available, but they only work with some devices and not all of them. To be able to play on an app means that you can enjoy the game more quickly and that it will fit the screen a bit better, but there isn’t too much advantage to an app over playing in the browser. Either way, it’s simple to enjoy Avalon 2 on a mobile device and it’s something that you can do if you want to play while on the go. If you are thinking of trying out the game, or if you are already a big fan of the game, consider testing it with your smartphone. You can play for real money and could find yourself experiencing all the best features of the Avalon 2 slot machine while on the go.

Summary & Conclusion 8.5 out of 10

Avalon 2 is a simple game that comes across as complex at first. It’s recommended that you try a free Avalon 2 version several times before you play it for reel just to give you an idea of how the bonus features work. After you unlock a bonus and you get to experience it for the first time, you’ll realize that it is easy to make use of and a good opportunity to win some serious pounds. You’ll be more eager than ever to continue playing the game and making the most of it. It’s simple and a lot of fun. It has excellent graphics and awards some pretty high top prizes as well. The betting range is quite large and you can play for exactly the amount you would like to by making adjustments before you get started.


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