Play French Roulette Online

French Roulette

When playing roulette, not all games are equally magnificent.  While you can always count on intensity, excitement, and anticipation with every fluid spin of the wheel, your odds of winning vary widely.  Where you play matters as much as how you play. If you accidentally take a virtual trip across the pond to play American roulette, you'll mathematically reduce your chances of winning.   There's no doubt that the European game is superior in every way, but you can do even better at online casinos. French roulette might look foreign but it's actually the best bet in Europe.

Online casino French roulette is European roulette with a twist.  Don't worry about the language barrier.  Playing French roulette is as easy as eating a croissant or baguette.  Read on to learn the intricacies of the game.  Discover how simple it is to master online casino French roulette and starting winning en français.

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Playing At Casinos Online: French Roulette Primer

French Roulette

At UK online casinos, French roulette for real money is often overshadowed by its American and traditional European counterparts yet it isn't hard to find.  You can play French roulette all over the world, and more and more casinos now offer French roulette even if they don't advertise it heavily throughout the United KIngdom. Players who are new to the game of roulette, or are simply fond of its European and American counterparts, should first understand the finer points before jumping into a game at an online casino.

Your Table Is Ready

At casinos online, French roulette tables in the United Kingdom have a unique look. You can't miss the distinct red felt that distinguishes casino online French roulette tables quite clearly from other forms of the real cash game.  Although in recent years some UK internet casinos have opted to use green felt tables for the sake of familiarity. You'll also notice the use of a few French words, which we'll discuss shortly.  Fans of European Roulette will find that the French game plays quite similarly. The wheel is made up of the same 37 numbers, including a single zero; however, it is the table layout that is distinctly different. At Most online casinos, French roulette games will keep the betting terms in French, but they are easy enough to understand:

  • Rouge: Red
  • Noir: Black
  • Pair: Even numbers
  • Impair: Odd numbers
  • P-12 (Premiere 12): 1-12
  • M-12 (Moyenne 12): 13-24
  • D-12 (Derniere 12): 25-36
  • Manque: 1-18
  • Passe: 19-36
You can earn even more while playing French Roulette thanks to the lucrative La Partage rule.

Online Casino French Roulette: La Partage Rule

When playing at a casino online, French roulette's best feature is known as La Partage.   This defining feature of French Roulette, softens the blow when the ball lands on zero under the right conditions. If the La Partage rule is in effect and you've made an even money bet, you will only lose half of your initial stake when the ball lands on zero. The odds greatly favour the player in this casino online French roulette scenario. 

Even money bets refer to any of the wagers that pay 1:1. That means you'll be able to take advantage of this feature if you've wagered real money on pair, impair, manqué, or passé.  At casinos online, French roulette players stand to profit from this reduced house edge only if this rule is in effect.  While traditional European roulette offers a competitive 2.7% house edge, you can half the advantage to 1.35%.  It's as easy as placing online casino French roulette even money bets.

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Online Casino French Roulette: En prison Edition

Some casino online French roulette tables use a variation of the la partage rule called en prison.  Instead of losing half of your initial even money stake when the ball lands on double zero, your money goes into metaphorical prison.  You'll effectively be placing the same bet on the next spin.  The only difference is that if you win, you'll get your money back rather than having your wager doubled.  This rule amounts to a twist on the classic double or nothing concept.

Understanding Racetrack Betting

At casinos online, French roulette tables often offer what's known as racetrack betting, but you won't be betting on thoroughbred horses here.  If you've ever looked at a roulette wheel, you've probably noticed that the numbers aren't arranged sequentially.  Yet the numbers on the table are in numerical order. That's simply so you can locate the numbers and place your casino online French roulette wagers quickly. 

When visiting online casinos, French roulette tables featuring a racetrack offer a separate betting area where the numbers are arranged in a sequence that mirrors the wheel.  This lets you easily bet on sections of the wheel. French racetracks feature three sections Voisins du Zero, which covers 17 numbers, Tiers du Cylindre, which covers 12 numbers, and Orphelins, which covers the remaining 8 numbers.  You can also place a neighbours bet which covers 5 adjacent numbers on the wheel.  Racetrack bets can get your heart pumping as the wheel slows down.  Can you handle that kind of drama from anywhere in the United Kingdom?

Online Casinos: French Roulette Best Bets

Casino online French roulette is available at a wide variety of internet gambling sites in the United Kingdom. There's no need to take a chance on just any British site.  Our online casino experts not only found the best UK sites, but they've uncovered the most authentic roulette tables across the globe. Check out our comprehensive online casino reviews here or opt for one of our top picks to start playing right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is online roulette legal?

As long as you live in a country like England where online table games are legal, online roulette is legal. It’s legal in many countries around the world, including most in the UK.

Where can I play French online roulette?

You can play French roulette at leading online casinos that are known for offering table games, there are many to pick from, but our top recommendations offer better bonuses and real cash gaming selection than some.

How is it different to regular roulette?

French Roulette is different to both the European and American varieties in different ways. Like European roulette is has a single “0” space and no “00” space, but unlike the European version the betting options are slightly different and the La Partage rule exists. When betting on the “even” space during a spin, if the ball lands on the “0” space the player can take back half the original bet. This drops the house edge down to just 1.35 per cent, better than any other odds you can get while playing roulette.

Is it popular in the UK?

French roulette isn’t as popular in the UK as you would expect, since it’s the easiest to win. Casinos favour American or European varieties that offer them a greater edge, but it’s still possible to find French Roulette online or in person.

How much is it possible to win?

It’s possible to win thousands of pounds while playing French roulette. Many casinos allow a maximum bet of £10,000, making a win of over £300,000 possible with a great deal of luck.

Should I use a strategy when playing French roulette?

There are many strategies for French roulette, but each of them relies on you getting lucky and winning. It’s best to just understand the rules of the game and bet an amount of money you’re comfortable potentially losing. Luck determines whether you win or lose in roulette.

Are French online roulette games rigged?

No, French online roulette is not rigged and you have a good chance of winning money when you place broad bets such as even, or red. The wheel spins are randomly determined, meaning that you have the same chance to win as anyone else playing the game.

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