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Poker WSOP

The World Series of Poker, or WSOP, is the premier live poker tournament series on the planet. Whether you play live in the UK or at an online casino, WSOP events should be on your mind.  Held each year in Las Vegas since 1970, the WSOP grew in prestige with the rising popularity of poker. Despite being held in the USA, the series gets plenty of coverage in the United Kingdom. The main event is now watched by poker fans across the world and brings in millions of dollars to the live poker economy. For fans of internet poker and online casinos, WSOP tournaments represent the ultimate pursuit, especially since players have emerged from online obscurity to win.

World Series of Poker Schedule

If you visit online casinos, WSOP events are promoted heavily. It's easy to get overwhelmed and confused, as there are close to 70 individual events.  The World Series of Poker schedule changes each year to better suit the needs of modern players, but there are a few constants. The big money is in the World Series of Poker Main Event, which is the final event. This is to ensure that every player can come into the event with minimal distractions from other tourneys and time constraints.

Another standard event is the casino employees tournament that kicks off the WSOP each year and gives the many casino employees who keep the action moving in Vegas during the World Series of Poker a chance to play. If you live in the UK and play at online casinos, WSOP events like this will be off limits, but feel free to watch.  Other events like the seniors and ladies no-limit hold'em championships may also be off limits to you, but you can buy-in to most other events.

In addition to what we expect of a poker tournament, WSOP also offers specialised events, such as for ladies, for Vegas casino employees, and for senior players.

A Work In Progress

Recent changes to the World Series of Poker schedule have seen more No Limit Hold'em tournaments with low buy-ins, as well as a move to scheduling concurrent tournaments in a way that gives players an opportunity to enjoy multiple events at once. Unlike playing poker at a casino online, WSOP participants can't multi-table. Expect the WSOP schedule to be tweaked over the next few years to better accommodate players who get their start at casinos online. WSOP interest is expected to rise as more US states legalize and regulate internet poker and online casinos.

WSOP Tournament Variety: Perfect For UK Players

Before we dig deeper into the main event, it's worth taking a look at the tournaments that lead up to the grand finale.  Just like at an online casino, WSOP events offer something for everyone.  Although most tournaments feature buy-ins between $1,000 and $25,000, there are a few tourneys starting at just $565, which is less than £400.  

If you ever play poker at casinos online, WSOP tournaments will make you feel at home no matter what game owns your heart.  Enjoy Texas hold'em, Omaha, 7 card stud, H.O.R.S.E. and many more variations.  Discover pot limit and no limit games to suit every taste.  If it's available at casinos online, WSOP players can find it live in Las Vegas.

World Series of Poker Main Event

Poker WSOP

While the various WSOP Championship events are important, the World Series of Poker Main Event is absolutely the most important event on the poker calendar each year. With a $10,000 buy-in and millions in prize money every year, the WSOP Main Event is big enough to  catapult players from total obscurity into the top spots of the all-time tournament money list. After practicing at online casinos, WSOP Main Events have turned unknown internet poker players into millionaires. Have you ever wondered how poker became so huge at casinos online? WSOP champion Chris Moneymaker can probably answer that question.  In 2003 he won the WSOP main event after winning his seat at an online casino.

WSOP participants should know that the Main Event takes patience.  It takes multiple days to whittle down the huge number of entrants. The game is No Limit Texas Hold'em and even the best poker pros can struggle to get through this first cull of players if the cards aren't going their way. If you've ever played poker at a casino online, WSOP events can feel like just as much of a crap shoot.  It is an endurance event, for the most part, as players must make the right decisions for days on end before they are even close to hitting the money.

World Series of Poker November Nine

Unlike tournaments at a casino online,  WSOP annual main events aren't resolved quickly.  In fact, the event is effectively put on pause to build suspense and hype.  A recent feature of the World Series of Poker Main Event is the November Nine. Instead of playing the final table immediately after the field has been narrowed down to the last nine players, the WSOP now delays the playing of the final table until November.  Anyone who is lucky enough to reach the final table, will have months to practice whenever and wherever they can find action including at casinos online. 

WSOP fans tend to be split when it comes to the altered and delayed format. This is definitely a controversial change, but it does have the benefit of building up the eventual WSOP Main Event winner, as well as all the other players at the table. A lot of players at the final table these days are unknowns and it helps the poker media to have some time to learn about the stories behind their WSOP runs. Regardless of whether the World Series of Poker November Nine rule perverts the purity of the tournament as a whole, it does make for much more interesting viewing.  If you visit a casino online, WSOP themed events are common as the final table is set.  If you can't make it to Nevada, at least you can party on your own terms.  Why not celebrate by playing poker in the United Kingdom at an online casino?

WSOP Satellites

Thanks to internet poker rooms and casinos online, WSOP entries don't have to break the bank.  Why spend $10,000 when you can win your way right on the internet?  It's not secret that the huge boom in WSOP Main Event entrants is due to the availability online casino WSOP satellites.  Every UK poker site worth its salt runs WSOP satellite tournaments leading up to the event each year, and the biggest poker sites send hundreds of players.

Many United Kingdom sites even run online casino WSOP step tournaments into the World Series of Poker. These can start as freerolls, with players winning an entry into a higher buy-in satellite with each victory.  After a while, that player who came in on a freeroll can end up playing in World Series of Poker satellites that offer seats into the Main Event - that's a free $10,000 buy-in if they win!  That means you can win your seat for free.  Remember Chris Moneymaker?  He won his seat for just $39 and it made him millions.  Who knows what can happen when you play at a casino online?  WSOP domination isn't common but it has happened. 

Playing At Online Casinos: WSOP Tournament Tickets

Did you know that it's possible to hone your game at an online casino? WSOP events might just be in your cards.  It doesn't matter if you live in the United Kingdom.  Las Vegas is already calling your name.  All you have to do is answer at any of the best UK online casinos. 

WSOP tournaments don't have to be a fantasy.  We've found the best poker rooms and casinos online. WSOP tourneys happen every year, which means you can always chase your dreams.  Just visit the top internet poker rooms and start playing in a casino online WSOP satellite or freeroll. 

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