World Series of Poker Circuit Events

Poker WSOP Circuit

The World Series of Poker Circuit, or WSOP Circuit, is a WSOP branded poker tournament circuit that runs in the lead up to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas each year. If you are new to playing poker at a casino online, WSOP circuit stops might seem confusing at first glance. Italy, Czech Republic, and even Florida are a far cry from Las Vegas, yet these are just a few stops on the circuit. 

Whether you play live in the UK or at a casino online, WSOP circuit stops deserve your attention.  While not as prestigious as WSOP events held in Las Vegas, they still draw plenty of players to the major stops on the circuit. A recent revamp of the WSOP Circuit has revitalised interest in this poker tour, especially among players at online casinos. WSOP circuit events now have bigger prize pools thanks to increased global support and frequent promotions at casinos online.

WSOP Circuit Events

Just like annual tournaments at your favourite online casino, WSOP circuit schedules change annually.  The 2015-16 circuit features 21 stops.  Although the vast majority of stops are in the continental USA, poker fans in the UK can cross the English Channel to compete in events at Casino Campione d'Italia and King's Casino in Rozvadov.  Just like the action at your favourite casino online, WSOP circuit events happen all year long.  Venture across the pond from August through May and you'll likely find plenty of action.  There's not much downtime, as Las Vegas carries the torch as it hosts the jam-packed WSOP. 

An interesting aspect of WSOP Circuit events is that they have buy-ins that are far lower than you'd find at the WSOP in Las Vegas or in other major poker tours. Players from the United Kingdom will need a passport but not much cash. The fees are affordable even if you are accustomed to playing poker at an online casino. WSOP Circuit Main Events do still cost $1,600 to $10,000 to enter, but other tournaments in the circuit can cost as little as $200 or £130.  If you are already enjoying the action at online casinos, WSOP Circuit events might be your next logical step.  Poker aficionados in the United Kingdom who are new to live tournament poker can get some practice before taking a tilt at the WSOP.  While we're not discounting the practice you'll gain at casinos online, WSOP Circuit are more representative of the big time.  Not that there's anything wrong with the action at casinos online.

The WSOP Circuit presents its top winners with WSOP Circuit rings, which can be a motivating step towards WSOP events and a great conversation starter.

WSOP Circuit Schedule

The WSOP Circuit schedule usually starts around August after the main stretch of the WSOP is over. It then runs a couple of events each month through to May of the next year, after which it is too close to the World Series of Poker for circuit events to keep running. Unlike the poker games at your favourite online casinos, WSOP Circuit events take a little more planning.

Now, there is little consistency in how the individual WSOP Circuit schedules run at each stop. The constants are that every stop offers some kind of Main Event, as well as smaller tournaments played for smaller cash prizes. You will need to look at the WSOP Circuit schedule for the specific stop you will be attending if you want to ensure it will feature events you are interested in.  There are usually several no limit and pot limit Texas hold'em tournaments.  Yet just like at online casinos, WSOP Circuit stops also feature Omaha and other variations.  You'll often find special events just for ladies or seniors, but there are plenty of options available to everyone in the United Kingdom.  It might just feel like a cross between the real WSOP and the action at casinos online.

WSOP Circuit Ring

Poker WSOP Circuit

An interesting element of the WSOP Circuit is the WSOP Circuit ring. This is meant to be an analogue to the bracelets that are awarded to winners of World Series of Poker events, though obviously their status is not quite as high. If you play primarily at an online casino, WSOP Circuit rings are worth winning on top of the massive cash prize.  Imagine wearing this conversation starter wherever you go.  Even if the jewellery isn't as exclusive as a bracelet, there are only 12 rings up for grabs this year.  You can always retire your ring if you ever win a bracelet.  It's possible for players who get their start at a casino online. WSOP Circuits could be a critical step to becoming a poker pro.

WSOP Circuit Satellites

While WSOP satellites are some of the hottest tickets at casinos online, WSOP Circuit satellites are less common.  WSOP Circuit events have much lower buy-ins compared to other poker tours, which means they are accessible even if you need to pay your way.  It is still possible to find WSOP Circuit satellites running at internet poker sites and online casinos.  WSOP circuit satellites occasionally include entries to multiple events on the same stop.  

If you dream of playing in the World Series Of Poker main event in Las Vegas, you'll want to take your game beyond what's available at casinos online.  WSOP circuit satellites might just be your best bet. We recommend targeting a WSOP Circuit stop that is close to them, as this will cut down on travel costs significantly.  As mentioned there are two European stops on the tour which will interest players at UK online casinos. WSOP Circuit participants will want to enter at least a few events, especially if you are paying for accommodations. Even if you only win an online casino WSOP Circuit satellite for a single event, the buy-ins are so low that it shouldn't be too hard on your bankroll to spring for those added entry costs. 

Winning At A Casino Online: WSOP Circuit Friendly Sites

If you like playing cards at online casinos, WSOP Circuit events deserve to be on your itinerary.  Players in the United Kingdom shouldn't be deterred by the distance, especially with online casinos WSOP Circuit prize packages up for grabs.  Even if you pay your own way, you can always take advantage of the European stops on the tour.  If you already play poker at a casino online that doesn't have tickets to your dream events, we've got you covered.  Just visit our reviews for UK players and find a superior internet poker room or online casino.  WSOP Circuit seats are more comfortable than you might think.

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