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Poker WPT

Although the WSOP is the planet's most prominent poker event, there's a lot more action beyond the bounds of Las Vegas.  Whether you play live in the UK or at a casino online, WPT events deserve your attention. The WPT, which is shorthand for the World Poker Tour, is the second most important live tournament series in the world.  Given the variety of locations and number of events throughout the year, the WPT is more accessible to players in the United Kingdom and likely anywhere else.  There's no sense limiting yourself to poker at an online casino.  WPT events are probably happening in your backyard soon.

World Poker Tour Primer

If you've ever watched poker on the telly or followed the action at casinos online, WPT events aren't hard to miss.  The World Poker Tour hosts national, regional, and even free league events, but the real action is on the main tour.  In fact when you see World Poker Tour events advertised at an online casino, WPT usually means the international tour.  For players in the UK, the main tour isn't just physically closer but that's where you'll find the pro and huge prizes.  If you follow player rankings at online casinos, WPT main tour events do matter when determining the Player of the Year. Although the WSOP is still considered more important, it's still worth playing poker at casinos online, WPT events, and anywhere else that involves a deck of cards.  You can never have too much practice or cash in your bankroll, even at an online casino.

The World Poker Tour schedule offers over 20 major stops each year at venues across the globe, and while most are in North America, poker fans in the United Kingdom have plenty of options closer to home.

WPT Schedule

For players who are accustomed to playing poker at online casinos, WPT events are a great way to branch out. The World Poker Tour schedule offers over 20 major stops each year at venues across the globe.   While the majority of stops are in North America, poker fans in the United Kingdom have plenty of options closer to home.  While the tour culminates in December at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, there are usually at least a few annual European stops.  If you've recently logged onto an online casino, WPT events in Nottingham, Cyprus, Prague, and Vienna may have caught your eye. It's time to branch out beyond casinos online.

WPT Bellagio

The World Poker Tour Bellagio stops are often some of the most hotly contested, with the Bellagio Cup and WPT Championship both taking place at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. While unknowns frequently win the championship games at other stops in the World Poker Tour, the WPT Championships at the Bellagio are almost always won by well-known pro players these days. That doesn't mean you can't win if you are entirely unknown or accustomed to playing at online casinos. WPT events are open to everyone of legal age.  

World Poker Tour Championship

Poker WPT

The World Poker Tour Championship might live in the shadow of the WSOP Main Event, but it's still lucrative, especially if your biggest tournament win is at a casino online. WPT events are challenging and you'll definitely make global headlines. While WSOP bracelets might be the cake of poker achievement, World Poker Tour Championship bracelets are the icing. You can brag about your jewellery in the chat window at most UK poker rooms and casinos online. WPT winners rarely abandon their internet game.  It's more likely that you'll get sponsored to play.

Buy-ins to the WPT Championship top $15,000, which might seem hefty compared to entering a tourney at a casino online.  WPT landmark events are obviously filled will pros who think they stand a chance and can foot the bill. What makes the World Poker Tour Championship so interesting is that it is scheduled for 8 days, yet the number of entrants is usually only around 300 to 600. This makes for some intense poker and an event that could very easily be considered a challenge to rival the biggest WSOP championship tournaments. The WPT has stuck around for a while now, and it should not surprise anyone if the World Poker Tour Championship eventually becomes the most prestigious event on the live tournament calendar. It's already gaining traction in the United Kingdom.

World Poker Tour Champions

World Poker Tour Champions are generally poker pros, but don't be deterred if you usually play at casinos online. WPT past winners include Asher Conniff (2015), Keven Stammen (2014), David Rheem (2013), Marvin Rettenmaier (2012), Scott Seiver (2011), David Williams (2010), and Yevgeniy Timoshenko (2009). Even if you are accustomed to playing at an online casino, you'll still clean up just for making the final table.  It's worth the airfare from the United Kingdom.

World Poker Tour Chips

You have to hand it to the World Poker Tour for getting its branding right, as World Poker Tour chips are very popular. While they won't improve your rate of success, World Poker Tour chips can spice up your home game by giving it a more professional vibe. Of course, World Poker Tour chips are unnecessary if you play with your mates at online casinos. WPT players like you might want to practice taking down a pot.

World Poker Tour Satellites

For the average player in the United Kingdom who enjoys the action at a casino online, WPT direct buy-ins can be cost prohibitive. Luckily when you visit internet poker sites or casinos online, WPT satellites are often up for grabs.  Online casino WPT satellites are your gateway to stops on the live tour.  Stay in the UK, head to continental Europe, or even fly across the pond by winning a casino online WPT satellite.  At some online casinos, prize packages include your buy-in, airfare, and accommodations!  Feel free to add some additional events to your itinerary while you are in the neighbourhood.

Even if your poker experience is limited to playing cards at online casinos, WPT action is worth dreaming about.  With the online casino WPT prize packs up for grabs, the poker trip of a lifetime is already in your grasp.  Start realising your dreams by bringing your bankroll to a top online poker room.  Read our reviews and find the best casino online.  WPT satellites are incredibly rewarding, no matter how you do in Las Vegas.

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