Online Triple Pocket Hold 'em Guide

Triple Pocket Holdem

Whether you play live in the UK or at an online casino, poker and its many variations dominate the scene. While the number of variations continues to grow, most people in the United Kingdom rarely stray far from their comfort zone. While everybody definitely has a favourite, there's little incentive to explore new options since most poker games are fundamentally the same. That belief holds true until you feast your eyes on online casino triple pocket Hold'em.

Triple pocket Hold'em, hosted at casinos online, is a table game featuring extreme rule changes, including the presence of an extra dealer, that add an exciting twist to a traditional and well-loved game. Discover how easy it is to master this extraordinary card game at one of our carefully chosen internet casinos for our United Kingdom audience, like this month's top pick - Betway Casino, all of which are guaranteed to provide you with:

  • An innovative gameplay and structure that will keep you on your toes
  • A greater freedom in card choice than in other types of poker
  • Availability all across the UK

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Casino Online Triple Pocket Hold'em Primer

Triple Pocket Holdem

Whether you play live in the United Kingdom or at casinos online, triple pocket hold'em is already a fixture.  That's probably because players who get a taste of the action keep coming back.  Despite being loosely based on Texas hold'em, the game is so unique that it more than holds its own.  Yet at casinos online, triple pocket hold'em isn't a novelty.  It's a phenomenal game that stands out even at the most crowded online casino.

Triple pocket hold 'em is one of those few newer variations that has managed to capture the attention of web gambling fans.  Perhaps it's the severe rule changes, the exciting real cash bonus payouts, or maybe even the extra dealer. Whatever the case, triple pocket hold'em poker tables have a seat with your name on it.  Experience what the game is all about now, but first you'll need to learn how to play.

How To Play Casino Online Triple Pocket Hold 'Em

If you've ever watch Texas hold'em poker on the telly or played the game at casinos online, triple pocket hold'em shares a couple of fundamental features. Yet you can certainly enjoy the game in the UK even if you've never played any kind of poker.

A game of online casino triple pocket hold'em begins with the dealer dealing you two pocket cards. Both of the dealers also receive two pocket cards.  That's not a typo.  This game really does feature dual dealers.  Over the course of the game, you'll use a combination of your two pocket cards and the five community cards that end up on the board to create the best five-card poker hand. The goal is defeat both of the dealers.

Unlike traditional Texas hold'em at online casinos, triple pocket hold'em has just a single betting round.  Perhaps of even greater consequence, the betting round takes place before you get any cards. Yet you'll actually be able to draw additional cards if you don't like your pocket cards. Here's how the draws work in casino online triple pocket hold'em:

  • You will receive your first two pocket cards after the betting round. If you are happy with those cards you can keep them but, if you don't want to use them as your hand, you can pass them onto the dealer.
  • The same option is given upon receiving the second pair of pocket cards - if you don't like them, pass them onto the other dealer.
  • If you pass on both the first and second pocket cards, you have to keep the third set you're dealt when playing casino online triple pocket hold'em.

Of course, you won't see the five community cards until everyone has received their two pocket cards. It is your job to make the best possible five-card hand out of all seven cards available to you in a game of online casino triple pocket hold'em.

Triple Pocket Hold'em is a poker game featuring extreme rule changes that might just blow your mind.

How To Win Triple Pocket Hold 'Em

At online casinos, triple pocket hold'em wins mostly pay out at a rate of 1 to 1, however if you are looking for the big bucks, it's better to go for the top bonus payouts. Bonus hands are as follows:

  • Flush: 2 to 1
  • Full House: 4 to 1
  • Four of a Kind: 10 to 1
  • Straight Flush: 20 to 1
  • Royal Flush: 50 to 1

Triple Pocket Hold 'Em Strategy

The ability to pass pocket cards when playing casino online triple pocket hold'em can make it much easier to win. Since you effectively have three potential shots, it's much easier to stand a chance against two dealers. Of course, there's always a chance that one of the dealers will luck out but this isn't such a big concern if you have one of the best hands, like pocket Aces.

As we saw above, the bonus payouts from 'special hands' can be very lucrative. Which hands to keep and which to throw away will be common knowledge to players in the United Kingdom who are very familiar with Texas Hold 'Em, but newbies to gambling on the web will probably want to play for free or consult a strategy guide on the Internet before putting any real money on the line. At most UK casinos online, triple pocket hold'em is available for every budget.  That includes plenty of free games. There's no sense burning your bankroll before your master the game.

Did You Know?

At online casinos, Triple Pocket Hold 'Em is one of the few games in the UK which you might actually want your first hand to be poor so you can discard it and know what your opponent has.

Playing Live In The United Kingdom Vs Online

Because the game requires two dealers, you probably won't find Triple Pocket Hold 'Em in the average UK casino. At online casinos, triple pocket hold 'em relies on random number generators.  That means they can potentially offer unlimited tables without hiring dealers or worrying about demand at off-peak hours.

Whether you are a beginner from the United Kingdom looking to improve your poker skills or an experienced poker pro looking to branch out, triple pocket hold'em will not disappoint.  When you factor in the extra dealer along and the ability to draw additional cards, triple pocket hold'em is absolutely outstanding.  The only thing that's more impressive is that you can play it from anywhere in the UK at online casinos. Triple pocket hold'em is available at the best sites.  Check out our reviews and top picks of places to play.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I play Triple Pocket Hold'Em online?

Most large poker rooms offer this exciting poker variation. If you are unsure whether your favourite casino offers it, then head to our recommendations pages where we have rated the best UK casinos for your comfort.

How popular is it with players?

Despite it being a newer variant, it has attracted both newbies and experienced poker players from all around the world. No matter in which group you fall, you will find your spot on the Triple Pocket Hold'Em online tables.

How big are the winnings?

Payouts are not huge compared to other types of poker, but they are not too shabby, either. For example, Flush pays 2 to 1, while a Royal Flush - 50 to 1.

In what way is it different from live play?

The need for two dealers means that it is not a very popular variant in live casinos, but you will find that most online casinos will offer it at any time of day and night.

How many players can play one game?

You are playing against the two dealers, so you might not see any other players if you are playing online.

How can I improve my winning chances?

Use your two chances to pass unfavourable pocket cards on to the dealers. This also gives you the benefit of knowing what cards your opponent is holding.

How does it match up to regular poker?

The main difference is the addition of a second dealer, whom you also have to beat in order to win. It also has a number of rule changes, such as a single betting round which happens before the dealing of the cards. All these differences make it more exciting to players that might be tired of traditional poker.

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