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Texas Holdem

From London to Las Vegas and all points in between, Texas Hold'em poker continues to be larger than life. You can thank the 21st century online poker explosion for the online casino game's massive growth. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why this particular variation won out over all other forms of poker, but it's most likely because the game is easy to learn, highly social, and features a huge potential for profit.

Although the golden era of Texas Hold'em might have passed, the game is going strong at a number of casinos online in the United Kingdom. More importantly, it's easy to find great online casino Texas Hold'em games at any hour in the UK. Take a browse through our list of recommended casinos, which is topped by this month's top pick - Betway Casino, with sites offering a huge range of benefits including:

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Your Introductory Guide to Texas Hold'em

Texas Holdem

Whether you play at a live in the United Kingdom or at online casinos, Texas hold'em most often refers to the multiplayer version of the game. That precisely what you see broadcast on the telly where players battle each other for supremacy as they try to take down the pot. It's also possible to play one on one against the dealer, although the structure of the games differ greatly. You'll find house versions of the game called casino hold'em or caribbean hold'em both on the internet and in the United Kingdom. For the sake of simplicity, this guide deals with the multiplayer version of the game, but you'll find separate guides for every poker variation right on this site.

How To Play Texas Hold 'Em

At casinos online, Texas hold 'em can be played with six or more players from the United Kingdom and even across the globe. The first round begins by a player being designated as the dealer, with the small blind bettor to the left of the dealer, and big blind bettor to the left of that person. The dealer, small blind, and big blind, will rotate clockwise at the beginning of each new round.  Whether you play live or at a casino online, you won't actually be responsible for dispensing cards when you are designated dealer.  Your position determines when you need to bet and take your turn. Everyone gets an opportunity to experience each position with all its obligations and benefits. Here is how gameplay progresses:

  • In online casino Texas hold'em, the first cards, known as pocket cards, will then be dealt to each player: two cards facing down. Each player may look at their pocket cards before deciding to bet.
  • To continue playing a casino online Texas hold'em hand, each player must make a wager equal to the amount of the big blind, or, if a raise is called, equal to that amount.
  • Every player will call, raise or fold until the first round of betting is complete.

Casino Online Texas Hold 'Em Rules

Whether you play live in the United Kingdom or at online casinos,  three face-up cards, known as the flop, will be placed in the centre of the table.  These cards will ultimately be used along with your pocket cards to create the best possible hand. At this point in the game, most players will decide whether to continue, or to fold.

Before the fourth face-up card, known as the turn, is dealt at online casinos, Texas hold'em players will have another round of betting. After the turn is played, another betting round is played, however this time the minimum real cash wager is usually doubled.

After every player has called, raised, or folded, the fifth and final card, known as the river, will be dealt, and a last chance to place real money bets will be available to all active online casino Texas hold'em players. When betting is complete, every player still in the game will be required to create the best possible hand from their two hole cards and the five community cards in the centre of the table.

Texas Hold'em is one of the most widely known and played poker variations, with prize pools in the thousands of pounds.

How To Win At Online Casino Texas Hold 'Em

At casinos online, Texas hold'em players who are still in the game reveal their cards, and the winner of the real cash pot is determined. In a draw, the pot will be split equally between each player with the same highest hand.

Did You Know?

If someone goes all in while other playes are still betting, a second pot is created which only active bettors can win. If the all in player wins, they get the first pot and the rest goes to the player with the second best hand.

Winning At Casinos Online: Texas Hold 'Em Strategy

Unlike a lot of other card games in the UK, online casino Texas hold 'em has a few things that set it apart.

  • At online casinos, Texas hold'em played against other players, so bluffing and trick betting are commonplace
  • Whether playing live or a UK casino online, Texas hold'em players won't know as much about your opponents' hands as in some games, but it's mutual.
  • A high number of communal cards means that a hand you think is the best still has a decent chance of being beaten by someone else

Knowing Your Budget

Careful bankroll management is also a big part of most poker games at UK casinos online. Texas hold 'em is no exception. The last thing you want is to play for an hour or so only to end up with pocket Aces when you've spent almost all of your real money chips. Patience is a virtue, and not pushing your luck when you know you don't have a top hand will help.  When visiting online casinos, Texas hold'em players can practice bankroll management and gaming strategies by playing for free.

Live In The UK Vs Online Casinos

Texas hold'em players often assume playing online has drawbacks. Their main criticism is that it's difficult to spot inexperienced players.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  While you want see an easy target trembling with fear or fumbling his cards like an amateur, there are plenty of dead giveaways online. First of all, at casinos online, Texas hold'em tables are often filled with rookies.  That's simply where they flock. Many sites actually let you view user profiles so you can figure out how many games an inexperienced player has enjoyed, at least on that particular site.  

Compare this with offline poker in the United Kingdom.  You usually know almost nothing about your opponents unless you've previously been acquainted.  If you find yourself playing against a celebrity or poker pro, you'll be able to google a profile but you'll have much bigger problems in the form of probable defeat.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I play Texas Hold'em online?

Everywhere. Texas Hold'em is still one of the most popular poker variations, so all good online casinos worth their salt offer it to their players.

Is Texas Hold'em popular?

It is one of the most popular types of poker available live and in online casinos.

Does it offer large winnings?

While it isn't known for unbelievably large payouts, Texas Hold'em offers sizable payouts to experienced players. These could reach up to £250,000.

Are live play and online play different?

Not in terms of the game rules. The experience is different - when playing live you can judge other players' faces and use their tells against them. This is absent in online play, where you are playing in front of a screen. This means that you can't read others but neither can they read you!

How many players can take part?

Online play is done with 6 or more players at a time.

How do I maximise my winning chances?

The best way to maximise your chances is to take good care of your bankroll, since patience tends to net you higher gains. You don't want to end up with no cash to bet just when your luck turns and you start winning.

How does it compare to other poker variations?

For one, Texas Hold'em is one of the most common and popular variations among poker players. Its rules are standard and easy to learn, and it offers a lot of potential for both socialising and winning high payouts.

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