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Poker Rakeback

Are you getting the most out of your online poker experience.  What plays out on top of the felt is only part of the story.  It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, the casino always gets a cut of the action.  Yet most players fail to realize that many online casinos will gladly return a generous portion of their commissions back to their valued players.  It's simply a matter of reclaiming what you deserve when playing at UK casinos online. Rakeback programs give you the rebate your deserve whenever you play.

At online casinos, rakeback rates vary widely.  In fact, it's probably worth digging deeper before you decide where to play.  Read on to learn how online casino rackback works.  Find out the best places to bring your bankroll and how to get the most out of your game.

Casino Online Rakeback Primer

At online casinos, rakeback has been popular for over a decade. If you haven't heard of the concept, you've been missing out and unnecessarily padding your poker room's pocket.  For the most part rakeback is an affiliate program except you are the referral and customer all rolled into one.  While these programs are popular at UK casinos online, rakeback potential is sometimes shocking. Many players do not realise that certain poker rooms pay up to 35% of your contributed rake directly back to you. Generally this is considered as a fixed reward "built-in" to pay to loyal players. Not all rooms in the United Kingdom offer this "automatic" payment which is directly tied to the rake you have generated in the room. Below we have recommended the best rakeback poker rooms. You are automatically on their poker rakeback program by joining via the links below.

Understanding Online Casino Rakeback

While poker rooms have a lot in common with online casinos, they operate using different business models.  When you play online poker in the UK, you'll be competing against other live human players.  While that seems obvious, it raises some financial questions. Think about it for a second.  When you visit a casino and play blackjack, roulette, craps, or any other game, the house has an statistical edge.   You are effectively playing against the house. The casino makes its money by beating players over time, which is mathematically guaranteed.  But what does any of this have to do with online casino rakeback?

Operating a casino is a lucrative business in the United Kingdom, but poker rooms have a different business model.  When you win a hand of poker or prevail in a huge tournament you aren't taking the cash out of the hands of the site's management team.  You can thank your opponents for handing you their cash.  Likewise when you lose, your money goes to your competitors. Yet poker rooms aren't known for being charitable.  They make their money by collecting a rake, or a fee for hosting games.  This is added to tournament buy-ins and collected on pots.  Think of it as the online casino's commission.  Yet you may not realise it, but when you participate in rakeback programs, you can get a healthy portion of that cash back from poker rooms or online casinos.  Rakeback really is the answer.

Online Casinos: Automatic Rakeback

Poker Rakeback

At most United Kingdom online casinos, rakeback is a secret.  If you are in the know you can profit from it.  Otherwise your poker room and its management team will gladly keep your cut.  Who do you think pays for all their caviar and champagne?  That would be you if you fail to claim your piece of the pie at a UK casino online.

Rakeback isn't a secret at all sites.  In fact some sites offer direct rackeback automatically.  That means you don't have to rely on third party services or chase down a cheque.  Just browse our list of casinos online. Rakeback payouts really can come easily.  The best part is many of these sites offer rebates of 30% or more. It looks like the joke is on everyone else.  At least you know that casino online rakeback is the punchline.

Understanding Online Casino Rakeback From Third Parties

When browsing casinos online, rakeback is always worth considering.  Different sites in the UK have different attitudes when it comes to rebates.  While only a handful of sites offer online casino rakeback programs, almost all sites offer affiliate programs.  These affiliates drive traffic to online poker rooms and the poker rooms pay them in the process.  This payment can come as a flat fee or as an ongoing commission based on your play.  In order to stand out, many affiliates offer their own casino online rakeback programs.  That means if you sign up through the right affiliate, you can get a portion of the rake you pay returned to you at participating casinos online. Rakeback is available and all you have to do is ask nicely.

While the affiliate route is a great option at a casino online, rakeback is not something all poker rooms are particularly fond of.  In fact some sites will cease their agreement with affiliates who advertise a casino online rakeback in the United Kingdom.  These sites prefer to offer cashback and other rewards through their own loyalty program.  In reality, the best sites let you receive rakeback and participate in a rewards program at the same time.

Rakeback: Crunching The Numbers

Online casino rakeback is probably more valuable than you realise.  If you are a high roller or poker pro, enrolling in a rebate program can help you rake back £30,000 annually.  That kind of cash could get you to Vegas for several weekend getaways throughout the year.  Even if you are just a small time player at online casinos, rakeback services could still net you £600 a year or more. Make sure you get what's coming to you.  You more than deserve it.

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