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Poker Ride

Twenty-five years ago, the casino industry across the board was stagnating. Players had not only grown bored of games they once loved, but many traditional Vegas hotspots lost their lustre. While the gambling business has rebounded to reach unprecedented new heights, there are some games that were created during these hard times that remain popular even now.

Going by a variety of names, including Let It Ride, poker ride is now a popular online casino game for both casual and veteran players. Based on five-card stud, poker ride not only lets you reduce your bet as the game progresses, but it's one of the rare games where you hope the dealer lands a great hand. So, why not give poker ride a spin the next time you find yourself craving an easy but rewarding poker experience.

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How To Play Let It Ride Poker

Poker Ride

At online casinos, poker ride players in the UK will notice that the game has elements in common with five-card stud. Players will ultimately receive three personal cards as well as two community cards, but it gets slightly more complicated than that.  When you place your initial bet, the total amount gets divided by three at all tables in the United Kingdom. When playing at a casino online, poker ride software will allocate your wager accordingly, yet you'll like still need to wager an amount that's evenly divisible by three.  Either way at both live and online casinos, poker ride tables feature a circle for each fraction of your wager, typically labelled ante, raise, and a second raise.

Making Sense Of Casinos Online: Poker Ride Hands

Whether you enjoy games in the UK or at casinos online, poker ride might seem like it's played in reverse. After placing your wager as explained earlier, the dealer will give you three cards.  The dealer also receives two face-down cards.  Although you will be stuck with your cards, you can retract or pull part of your wager if you aren't happy with the luck of the draw.  At this point you can get back a third of your money, which you'll find on one of the designated circles.  If you like your chances, you can keep your wager where it is or simply let it ride.  This terminology is common throughout the USA and United Kingdom.

The Dealer's Cards

Next, the dealer turns over one of his two cards. At an online casino, poker ride dealer cards are revealed and placed beside your personal cards. When you play live, there may be other players sharing these cards.  Regardless of where it's placed, consider this card yours and a part of your hand.  If you still don't like your prospects, you can have another third of your wager returned to you by pulling. In the event that your hand is impressive or holds potential you can keep your bet in place.  At an online casino, poker ride players will usually see let it ride and pull buttons.

Winning At An Online Casino: Poker Ride Qualifying Hands

At a casino online, poker ride games conclude with the dealer turning over his second card. This card becomes the fifth card of your hand.  At this stage of the game, your hand will be assessed and you'll be paid accordingly if you have a qualifying hand in accordance with rules of the casino online. Poker ride hands are based on traditional poker rankings but you'll need at least a pair of tens to get paid. 

Poker ride often features a bonus bet. You can get paid a bonus on every qualifying hand with a royal flush paying in the neighbourhood of 20,000:1.

Casino Online Poker Ride Payout Table

Depending on your choice of online casino, poker ride payouts may vary slighty.  Here are typical payouts for United Kingdom casinos.  Online poker ride players shouldn't expect too much deviation or they should look elsewhere to play.

  • Royal Flush     1000:1
  • Straight Flush  200:1
  • 4 of a Kind      50:1
  • Full House       11:1
  • Flush   8:1
  • Straight           5:1
  • Three of a Kind           3:1
  • Two Pair          2:1
  • Pair of Tens or Better  1:1

Bonuses Bets And Progressive Jackpots

When you play at United Kingdom online casinos, poker ride often features a bonus bet.  You can get paid a bonus on every qualifying hand with a royal flush paying in the neighbourhood of 20,000:1. Even a lowly two pair pays 6:1.  That's on top of your regular bet.  Some UK sites go even further by offering a progressive jackpot that can balloon even higher.  If you place a bonus bet your full bonus wager will remain intact even if you pull part of your regular wager during play. It pays to leave your comfort zone at casinos online.  Poker ride has the potential to reward you more than almost any other game.

Start Letting It Ride

While many of the games that launched in the 1990s are now permanently out of fashion, some have managed to become fixtures at online casinos. Poker ride not only delivers impressive payouts but it is easy to play even for beginners. When visiting a casino online, poker ride will most likely be available yet there's no reason to choose a site at random.  We've found the best sites with the top payouts and biggest bonuses in the world of online casinos.  Poker ride will kick your poker game into high gear anywhere in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Poker Ride?

It is a popular variation of poker where you have a lot of control over what you bet, when you bet it, and whether you still want to bet that much after you have been dealt your cards.

How is Poker Ride played?

You make your bets and are given 3 personal cards. At this point you can choose whether to keep your bets or withdraw them. Then the dealer turns over his two cards one by one, and in between you can also withdraw part of your bet or let it ride. Those can become part of your hand. After the second card has been turned over, your hand is evaluated and you are paid accordingly.

What is the difference between Poker Ride and regular poker?

In regular poker you either win or lose your bet. In Poker Ride you can withdraw parts of your bet at two different stages if you decide that you are unhappy with your prospects.

What kind of odds does it have?

Poker Ride has some excellent odds, with a Royal Flush paying out as much as 1000 to 1.

How much can you win?

Poker Ride payouts can be incredibly high, and they often feature bonus bets that can make up a neat sum.

Are there available strategies for playing it?

No, but then you can’t really go wrong. The very rules of Poker Ride, with its feature of withdrawing bets, make it much safer to play than other types of poker.

Which online casinos offer it?

Most large online casinos offer Poker Ride. For a comprehensive list, check out our reviews of the best online poker rooms.

Is there a mobile version?

All large mobile casinos are moving towards mobile versions of their games. Poker being as popular as it is, most large mobile casinos offer a mobile version of Poker Ride.

Is it safe to play online?

Yes, as long as you play in respected poker rooms. We have compiled a list of reviewed casinos so you don't have to search farther than us. Check out our pages of reviews to choose a safe casino with entertaining games and high payouts.

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