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Poker Pursuit

If Omaha and Texas Hold'em have lost their lustre, don't even think about hanging up your poker spurs. It's time to ride a horse of an entirely different colour at online casinos. Poker pursuit might be relatively new but it's easy to learn and find at casinos online, as well as being incredibly fast-paced and massively rewarding.

It's no surprise that at UK online casinos, poker pursuit support is growing rapidly and not only is it available at most sites online, but many live casinos in the United Kingdom have added the title to their roster. So, before you hop into your next game, be sure to check out our list of carefully vetted online casinos which, like with our top pick of the month - Betway Casino, are guaranteed to offer you:

  • Exceptional odds and payouts available
  • A poker variation that allows you to reduce your losses and maximize your winnings
  • You can join the game whenever you like

Terms and conditions apply to all bonuses. 18+ only. Gamble Responsibly.

Online Casino Poker Pursuit Primer

Poker Pursuit

Whether you play live or at online casinos, poker pursuit is usually offered as a video poker game. This matters less online except in terms of aesthetics. Yet if you find yourself at a live casino in the United Kingdom, you'll be hard pressed to find this as a table game.  It doesn't matter if you play live or at a casino online, poker pursuit is always a five-card poker variation.  If you've already played a variety of games at casinos online, poker pursuit has a lot in common with poker ride since players have several rounds to decide whether their hand is worthy of winning a top prize or not. Depending on where you choose to play, maximum real cash payouts will vary. Winning hands are identical to that of standard poker, but the payouts are impressive in the UK especially at the top end.

Whether you opt to play live in the United Kingdom or at a casino online, poker pursuit games can payout colossal quantities of cash. In fact a royal flush pays an almost unheard of 1000:1 at top online casinos.

Poker Pursuit Rules

At online casinos, poker pursuit begins with the initial round of anteing up. Deciding how much you wish to play before your cards arrive will have a lasting effect on each successive betting round. When you have chosen the ante amount, you will receive your first three cards.

After seeing your cards, which happens automatically at a casino online, poker pursuit's first round of wagering real money begins. You will immediately have the option to call or raise. While calling will see the game continue without any additional wagers, raising will add another bet that is the same size as your initial stake. After the betting round, your fourth card will be revealed. The next round of betting plays out in exactly the same fashion as the previous round, with the opportunity to call or raise being offered before the fifth and final card is turned over.

How To Win Poker Pursuit

When all of your cards have been revealed, you will receive a payout depending on the worth of your hand. Although payout rates will vary casinos online, poker pursuit can net you a payout of up to 1,000 to 1 for a royal flush. To qualify for a real cash payout in casino online poker pursuit you must possess at least a pair of tens. If your hand doesn't qualify, all bets are forfeit, but if your hand is of greater value then you will be paid out accordingly.

If you think a royal flush is impossible when playing online casino poker pursuit, other hands are also generously rewarded. A straight flush pays an impressive 200 to 1. If you land four of a kind then get ready for a 50 to 1 payout.  A full house, which is by no means elusive, pays 12 to 1.  A simple flush pays 9 to 1 and a straight typically yield a 6 to 1 payout.  Score three of a kind and get paid 4 to 1.  Two pairs pay 3 to 1.  If all you have is a pair of tens or better, you'll still get paid 2 to 1.  Don't forget that you can play multiple coins and at a variety of stakes.

Poker Pursuit is a simple way to learn poker rules when starting off.

Did You Know?

A UK gambler who makes a bet of £5 and raises twice stands to make £15,000 from the best hand, a royal flush. Pretty impressive for a round of action at an online casino. Poker pursuit  may not have a progressive jackpot but you can still strike gold.

Poker Pursuit Strategy For UK Players

For players in the United Kingdom, making real money playing Poker Pursuit really comes down to the key fact that a pair of tens or better is needed to qualify. One of the advantages of playing poker pursuit is that, if it's clear from your first three cards that a top hand isn't on the cards, you can carry on playing without making additional bets.

On the other hand when playing at casinos online, poker pursuit players should never be afraid to raise when the timing is right. If you have four suited cards in your hand, it's worth raising even though the odds of getting another card of that suit don't seem like the best. High payouts, 9 to 1 for a flush for example, make it worth trying your luck.  Like in all games at online casinos, poker pursuit payouts are in line with likelihood of actually landing a hand.

Offline Vs Online Casino Poker Pursuit

Although poker pursuit is now available at select live casinos in the United Kingdom, it's by no means common.  Yet when you visit random online casinos, poker pursuit will likely be staring you in the face. Whether you play live at casinos online, poker pursuit compares well with five-card draw poker, but you won't have to battle other players from the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the world.  No matter where you choose to play, the game is easy to learn and you can play at your own pace.  Why be judged by your peers when a handsome payout can do all the talking?

Online Casino Poker Pursuit Advantages

  • Easy to pick up but has enough depth to keep experienced players interested too
  • Compared to other games at a casino online, poker pursuit yields high payouts
  • Good for honing poker skills, which also transfers well to an offline setting
  • No elimination/buy-ins to worry about
  • You can jump in and play whenever you fancy it

The Pursuit In On

Although there are hundreds of games available at every top casino online, poker pursuit has no trouble standing out.  When you consider the huge payouts and the fact that you can play a game in as little as three seconds, this video poker game might just be your go to game.  While it's easy to find this game anywhere online, we've found the best sites for players in the United Kingdom.  Our top picks are not just critically acclaimed by casino experts but they offer huge sign up and deposit bonuses.  Start playing for real money and be ahead of the game before drawing your first hand of cards.

  • Enjoy a huge free bonus of up to £400
  • Numerous simple options for quick cashouts.
  • Plenty of regular bonuses & attractive promotions.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Is online Poker Pursuit legal?

Yes, online Poker Pursuit is completely legal to play in the UK and other countries that accept online gambling and table games specifically.

What are the best sites to play at?

Top sites are highly reviewed and rely on industry-leading software. Pay attention to casino reviews and the software that they rely on before deciding which poker sites you want to play at.

How does it compare to regular Hold'em?

It’s a very different game compared to traditional Hold’em. You don’t play against an opponent at all, and instead play to make a good quality hand with the five cards that you are dealt. You increase the amount you're betting depending on how good you believe your chances are to make a quality hand and are paid out based on hand quality and the amount that you bet.

Is it popular to play in the UK?

Poker Pursuit isn’t’ a very popular game in the UK, but it is available at some leading casinos. It’s a good game for those who are new to poker and want to learn the rules a bit better, but many serious players go to Omaha or Hold’em instead.

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