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Omaha Poker

It might seem hard to believe but the poker map stretches far beyond the Texas border, especially when Texas Hold'em dominates the airwaves, internet, and live tables in the United Kingdom. Yet sometimes it's worth branching out and exploring variations of this celebrated game. Whether you want to kick repetition to the curb or simply expand your options at an online casino, Omaha poker definitely deserves your attention.

When visiting casinos online, Omaha poker isn't hard to find. However, finding a reputable casino online that offers Omaha poker can be difficult. That's why we've vetted only the best online gambling sites to give you, the player, the best Omaha poker experience possible. Start off with this month’s top pick, Betway Casino, or hop onto one of our other recommended sites for:

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Online Casino Omaha Poker Primer

Omaha Poker

Whether you play live in the UK or at a casino online, Omaha poker is a Texas hold'em variation at its core.  In fact, the roots will begin to show the first time you play. While familiarity makes mastering the game easy, it's important never to lose sight of what game you're playing.   

When you visit an online casino, Omaha poker actually comes in several varieties.  We'll discuss standard Omaha, which also goes by the name Omaha Hi, in depth here.  You should realize that there are separate variations of the game including Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card Omaha, and 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo.  At many casinos online, Omaha poker fans will find a mixed game called H.O.R.S.E. which stands for Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Eights or better.  The type of game rotates after every hand.  In this case Omaha poker is usually the Hi/Lo variety.

Find Your Seat

At an online casino, Omaha poker players will need to seek out Omaha specific tables.  You'll find plenty of cash games and tournaments at most leading UK online casinos. Omaha poker players won't be competing against the house.  Prepare to face players from across the United Kingdom and even the world. If it's your first time playing Omaha, we recommend playing strictly for fun rather than real money.  There's no better way to learn the ropes than with hands-on practice.  There's no point burning through your bankroll before you get your confidence up.  When visiting online casinos, Omaha poker players can consult these rules as they play.

Guide To Casinos Online: Omaha Poker Rules

Whether you play live in the United Kingdom or at a casino online,  Omaha poker players will each receive four pocket cards. Only you may see your own cards prior to the showdown. A round of betting will then take place, including small and big blind bets. You must call the amount of the big blind in order to see the flop.

Once all bets have been placed, the first three community cards will be dealt facing up at an online casino. Omaha poker's second round of betting will take place in which players may check, raise, call, or fold. After each player has finished their second wager, the next community card will be dealt. The turn is the fourth card to be dealt to the centre of the table. Once again, a round of betting will take place afterwards, and if there are still players competing, the fifth and final card will be dealt at the casino online.  Omaha poker also features a river, which is the last community card in a game of Omaha hold 'em, and will be your last chance to make the best possible hand for the showdown. A final round of betting is played after the turn card is dealt, and then the showdown begins.

Omaha is one of the most popular versions of online poker played today.

Understanding Hands

Like in Texas hold'em at online casinos, Omaha poker players must make the best possible five-card hand from their four pocket cards, and the five community cards. However, unlike its counterpart at casinos online, Omaha poker only allows you to use three community cards, and forces you to use two of your own. Therefore, if the community cards are made up of a club and four diamond cards, and you hold one diamond in your hand, you cannot call a flush. This is because you must use two cards from your own hand to make up the finished hand.

How To Win At Casino Online: Omaha Poker

At casinos online, Omaha poker players with the top hand will take the pot, and, if a tie occurs, a split-pot will be implemented. The game will continue depending on the style of play. For example, in a real money tournament setting of elimination poker, the last player left at the end of the game will be declared the winner. However, if the game is being played with the option to buy-back in, then play can continue for as long as people decide to play in the UK.

When visiting online casinos, Omaha poker fans should know the game can be played as either the standard "eights or better" version, or as high-low split. When you compare the two, Omaha hi-lo is played in much the same way as Omaha hold 'em; however, instead of the highest hand winning the pot, the pot is split for both a high hand winner (eights or better) and low hand winner (eights or lower). If players manage to take out both the high and low hands, they "scoop the pot".

Omaha Poker Strategy

Some UK players getting their first taste of Omaha get fixated on the rules of other poker variants they've seen, like Texas Hold'em which is a favourite at online casinos.  Omaha poker players shouldn't assume they have the best hand yet forget to take into account that they must use three community cards. Never look at the value of your hand without remembering that fact.

While Texas hold 'em players can benefit from beginner's luck at an online casino, Omaha poker is just the opposite. The communal cards mean that players have a lot of information about the hands of  their opponents, thus the best hands they are likely to be able to produce. Most beginners in the United Kingdom try to rely on luck and simply get burned.  Know the rules and take your time within limits.

Play Casino Online Omaha Poker In The UK

At casinos online, Omaha poker tables are easy to find.  Although the games are often eclipsed by their Texas hold'em counterparts, you can find a solid variety of Omaha poker tables in the UK.  Just make sure to visit larger sites that have enough traffic to support games at every imaginable stakes.  Check out our expert reviews of the best online casinos in the United Kingdom or head directly to one of our top-rated sites.  Once you get a hang of the action, it's easy to play multiple tables at the same time.  You can even play different varieties at once.  Just make sure you stay focused and pace yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is online Omaha poker legal?

Online Omaha poker is legal to play as long as you’re in the UK or in one of the other countries that allows online gambling.

What are the best sites to play at?

The very best sites to play at are highly populated and well-known poker sites that are reviewed as offering quality gameplay.

How does it compare to regular Hold'em?

Omaha is similar to Hold’em with some key differences. It works almost the same as Hold’em, except each player is dealt four cards and must choose two to make the best hand out of using the community cards. Other than that, Omaha works very similarly to Hold’em.

Is it popular to play in the UK?

Yes, it is very popular to play in the UK and is one of the most frequently offered poker variations when you play at larger poker websites.

How can I improve my win rate?

To get the best results from Omaha you have to learn the strategies involved in the game and how to effectively read players as you play out your hands. The better you are at both, the better you will do.

Is there a tournament option?

Yes, there are many Omaha tournaments to choose from and at any leading online casino you’ll see several options at any one time.

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