Latin American Poker Tour

Poker LAPT

First launched in 2008, the Latin American Poker Tour is an annual poker series featuring several stops  throughout countries in Central America and South America. At online casinos, LAPT is the most common abbreviation for this poker tour, yet some events may also be advertised independently as well. If you watch poker on the telly or frequent casinos online, LAPT events are frequently advertised by PokerStars, the main sponsor, organizer, and creator.  

The tour features lots of big money action and is popular with burgeoning Latin American pros looking to cut their teeth at an international poker tournament series.  Thanks to the popularity of the tour at global casinos online. LAPT events aren't reserved solely for Latinos.  You'll find many Americans and a more than a handful of players from the UK looking to make their mark beyond the bounds of an online casino.

LAPT Schedule: Perfect For UK Poker Fans

Since its inception eight years ago, the Latin American Poker Tour has evolved in both size and scope.  Thanks to increased coverage in the media and at online casinos, LAPT interest is at an all time high.  Although the schedule changes annually, the 2015 tour featured six stops throughout the year, kicking off in January and culminating in November. The exact schedule changes each year, so it is a good idea to wait until the next season's events are finalised before you plan a visit to a Latin American Poker Tour event.   

If you play internet poker or enjoy the action at online casinos, LAPT events should seem quite affordable.  Events are typically priced in local currency but range from the equivalent of £200 to £2,000 for the grand finale.  If you've ever played at casinos online, LAPT buy-ins are affordable even if you choose to pay cash for your seat.  There are endless chances to win your way at online casinos. LAPT entries are up for grabs throughout the year. While we'll discuss ways to win below, many players in the United Kingdom gladly pay their way.  Given the strength of the pound, LAPT events are perfect for beginners. It doesn't matter if you ever visit an online casino.  LAPT events are ideal if you want to enjoy a holiday and buy into to a very affordable poker tournament all in the same trip.

LAPT events are ideal if you want to enjoy an exotic holiday and buy into to a very affordable poker tournament all in the same trip.

Give Yourself An Edge

When compared to tournaments with more expensive buy-ins that are advised at poker rooms and casinos online, LAPT events don't draw a lot of the top international pros. Events with similar buy-in levels are easy enough to find in the UK and Europe. This means that a decent player can go up against a generally easier level of competition and use LAPT events to build up a better bankroll for playing in major US events.  Although you can definitely hone your skills at an online casino, LAPT will help you learn the nuances of playing live with major money on the line.  If you dream of winning the WSOP, it's worth taking a Latin detour.

Latin American Tour Winners

Poker LAPT

The general lack of top pro players in the Latin American Poker Tour winners list demonstrates the fairly low key nature of this series. In fact, many of the participants are more obscure than the players you'll see at a casino online.  LAPT Main Event winners include Josh Kay, Caio Hey, Mario Lopez, Shakeeb Kazemipur, Dimitar Danchev, Jose Miguel Espinar, Julien Nuijten, Valdemar Kwaysser, Dominik Nitsche, Karl Hevroy, Ryan Fee, Fabian Ortiz, Matthias Habernig, Jose Barbero, Amer Sulaiman, Martin Sansour, and Alex Manzano. Many of these players got their start at a casino online.  LAPT events welcome you to be next.

Later seasons have seen the list of Latin American Poker Tour winners take on more players from South and Central America, but foreign participants, including card players from the UK, have traditionally performed quite well. Keep this in mind when trying to decide whether a cheap plane flight to a local tournament where you are up against tough competition is better than a more expensive flight to an LAPT tournament against a weaker field.  If you fare well in tournaments at your online casino, LAPT events could be the next logical step.  Showcase your skills and enjoy the exotic lands thanks to your favourite casino online.

LAPT Locations

As it is an international series, there are many Latin American Poker Tour locations across several countries. Are you ready to branch out beyond the digital tables of your favourite online casino? LAPT locations have changed over the years.  Here is a sampling: Bogota in Columbia; Florianopolis, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo in Brazil; Lima in Peru; Mar del Plata and Rosario in Argentina; Panama City in Panama; Playa Conchal and San Jose in Costa Rica; Punta del Este in Uruguay; Vina del Mar in Chile; and The Bahamas.   

Given the distance, the LAPT might seem like quite the trek from the United Kingdom and your favourite casinos online. LAPT events happen throughout the year and players from the UK rarely hit them all.  Yet if you crush the January main event in the Bahamas, you might want to head back across the pond to make a name for yourself later in the year.  While you might be internationally known at your favourite casino online, LAPT participants can expect to soak up some sun.

Online Casino LAPT Tour Satellites

Even though the buy-ins are quite low for the LAPT, flights to the events can still eat in to any potential profits. Luckily, there are many online casino LAPT satellites up for grabs at top poker sites. PokerStars is the sponsor of the LAPT.  That means the next time you're playing poker or wagering at a casino online, LAPT prize packages might be part of your nightly haul.  Yet when you log onto the right poker rooms or online casinos, LAPT prize packages can cover more than just your entry fee. Many Latin American Poker Tour satellites even include accommodation for the event and some spending money to cover flights on top of the buy-in for your chosen event.  That should be welcome news to anyone in the United Kingdom.

At online casinos, LAPT prize packages are up for grabs during the year. Some are even targeted to UK poker players.  We recommend you join PokerStars and start playing in Latin American Poker Tour satellites now if you want to make your way into the tournament series without breaking the bank. You might just need to have your passport handy after visiting a casino online.

Latin American Poker Tour Results

In recent seasons, Latin American Poker Tour results have started to matter more as a set of awards are given out to the top performers. Placing highly or winning LAPT events gives players points on various leaderboards at Poker Stars and other online casinos. LAPT Player of the Year, Online Qualifier of the Year, and 6-Max Player of the Year are just a few of the categories you can qualify for at poker rooms and casinos online.  LAPT fans will be pleased to learn that many of the prizes can get you back in the game.  You can win buy-ins and accommodation to next season's events, making it well worth the effort to consistently top the Latin American Poker Tour results in multiple events at a casino online.  LAPT events are definitely worth adding to your calendar and map.

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