Online Hold'em High Poker

Holdem High Poker

When you consider the internet poker boom of the last decade, it's no surprise most people think of Texas Hold'em when they hear the words online poker. However, while Texas Hold'em is as monumental as it is amazing, traditional Texas style poker has plenty of drawbacks. Hold'em high poker might just be the answer to your poker prayers when you visit a casino online.

Hold'em high poker wraps up your favourite elements of Texas Hold'em in a fast-paced table game package, and it’s available at most UK online casinos. Hold'em high poker is ridiculously easy to play but finding a reputable site to sink your time into can be difficult. That's where we come in. We vet the best online casinos that offer Hold’em High Poker to bring you the best gambling experience possible. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this month’s top pick, Betway Casino, which is guaranteed to deliver on the following:

  • You can play for free before depositing real money
  • Incredibly high payouts possible
  • Easy to learn

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A Twist On The World's Biggest Game

Holdem High Poker

Although you'll be hard pressed to find hold'em high at live casinos in the United Kingdom, your prayers will quickly be answered at casinos online. Hold'em high isn't available on every site in the UK, but the best internet casinos proudly offer the game.

Thanks to payouts as high as 500:1, online casino hold'em high can be incredibly lucrative and rewarding for UK players.  While the game is obviously popular with traditional hold'em veterans, the play is simple enough for new players to master rather quickly.  Either way hold'em high will appeal to your gaming senses and allow you to discover a whole new way to play poker both live and at casinos online. Hold'em high is never more than a click away.  Did we mention that you can play for free?

How To Play Casino Online Hold 'Em High

Unlike traditional Texas hold'em, casino online hold'em high pits you against the dealer rather than other human players.  After placing your bet, you'll receive two pocket cards.  The goal is to create the best possible hand using your two pocket cards and the facedown community cards. One critical difference between online casino hold'em high and a poker variation like Texas hold 'em is that you place all your bets before seeing any of the community cards, with fixed winnings proportional to the strength of the final hand. As you can probably tell, when playing at online casinos, hold'em high hands can be resolved in seconds.  That's fast enough for even the most impatient player in the UK but there's absolutely no pressure.

We'll discuss payouts shortly, but it's worth noting that whether you play live or at online casinos, hold'em high uses conventional hand rankings.  Of course when you enjoy the action online in the United Kingdom, you can consult resources including this web page while you play.

After anteing up and receiving your two pocket cards, you can choose to call, raise or fold:

  • Call to place another bet equal to your ante bet
  • Raise to place a bet worth twice your original bet
  • Fold to walk away from your hand and lose your ante bet

Did You Know?

When you visit top UK online casinos, hold'em high gold might be available for play. This version of the game is identical to hold'em high poker except you'll have the option of placing a side bet.  Take advantage of the option of  increasing your real cash winnings by up to 50:1.  Experience a game with some of the best overall payouts in the United Kingdom.

Hold’em High offers some of the best top prizes to players.

How To Win Casino Online Hold 'Em High

To win at Hold 'Em High Poker on the Internet, you need at least two pairs. Of these, one pair must be Jacks or better. This pays out 1 to 1 at most casinos online.  Hold'em high poker players should be aware that you must use your pocket cards in your hand.  A hand composed entirely of community cards doesn't qualify.

The better the hand, the better the payout:

  • 3 of a kind - 2 to 1
  • Straight - 5 to 1
  • Flush - 7 to 1

The best hand, a royal flush, pays out at 500 to 1 at most casinos online. Hold 'em high poker gold's side bet pays out if you receive two cards of the same suit or a suited king and ace, while a king and ace of spades will net you 50 to 1 on your side bet.

Did You Know?

With the top hand in the game, a royal flush, a cheeky £10 bet could net you £5,000 of real cash in a single hand at a casino online. Hold'em high is not too shabby at all for just a few minutes of play.

Hold 'Em High Strategy

When playing online casino hold'em high,  the initial betting round takes place before cards are dealt. That means there's an element of luck to playing hold 'em high. Once cards have been dealt, it's all about your next move:

  • If you already have a high pair of pocket cards or consecutive cards of the same suit, you'll probably want to raise.
  • A low pair, consecutive cards or different suits or non-consecutive of the same suit and it's probably wise to call.
  • If you can't see a top hand brewing, it might be time to fold.

You can't win every hand at online casinos. Hold'em high poker players will quickly get a feel for what works and what doesn't.  The three points  above are a good starting point for British beginners looking to test out the odds and see if luck is on their side.  When visiting online casinos, hold'em high players will want to use a little bankroll management.  It's a great way to increase your stamina while trying to rack up big wins.

Offline Vs Online Casino Hold 'Em High

Not all land-based venues in the United Kingdom offer hold 'em high. Even those that do rarely offer the lucrative side bets you'll find at  casinos online. Hold'em high poker players are much better off logging onto top internet casinos.  

Today's UK online experience more than holds its own. There's never been a better time to embrace the comforts of home and play at your own pace.  You'll probably fare better since you won't have strangers judging and you'll be free to  consult strategy guides on the web as you play.

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  • Numerous simple options for quick cashouts.
  • Plenty of regular bonuses & attractive promotions.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Is online Casino Hold’em High legal?

Yes, Casino Hold’em High is legal throughout the UK and in many other countries around the world as well.

What are the best sites to play at?

The very best sites are the ones that include table games and are highly rated with good bonuses. It’s important to look at the jackpots offered at this game specifically before joining through, because they are not the same at every site.

How does it compare to regular Hold'em?

Casino High Hold’em pits you against just the dealer, and you have the opportunity to win very large prize amounts. It also forces you to bet before any of the community cards are turned over, which is very different from the staggered betting in traditional Hold’em.

Is it popular to play in the UK?

It’s a popular variation in the UK that many casual players enjoy because it is simple to learn to play.

How can I improve my win rate?

You can bolster your win rate by learning a good strategy for Casino High Hold’em. It’s important that you use a strategy specific to the game itself, because it is very different from standard Hold’em.

Is there a tournament option?

There are some tournaments similar to a slot tournament where you try to build up the highest number of credits or chips. You still face the dealer as you play, but your total amount of chips helps you rank in the tournament against other real players.

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