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Poker GSOP

There's no doubt that online poker in the UK is incredibly rewarding.  Yet even aspiring professionals know that you can only get so far playing exclusively on the internet.  At casinos online, GSOP events effectively bridge the gap between the online and live poker worlds.

The GSOP, which is shorthand for Grand Series of Poker, is both an online and live series of poker tournaments that is run by the Ongame poker software platform.  You'll want to explore live and online Casino GSOP events.

Aside from running tournaments on its member sites, Ongame also holds tournaments across Europe and even in the Caribbean. Why limit yourself to internet poker rooms and online casinos? GSOP events give you an excuse to visit beautiful locales that easily beat the scenery at online casinos.  GSOP live events are perfect for UK players aiming to launch their live poker tournament career.

Playing Poker At Online Casinos: GSOP Events Online

As mentioned, the GSOP takes place both live and at online casinos. GSOP players should note that the live and online versions are completely separate and for the most part only share a name.  Players in the UK are free to participate in as few or as many events as they see fit. The Grand Series of Poker Online varies each year, but you can expect around 20 events, with guaranteed prize pools of up to £250K. Buy-ins to Grand Series of Poker Online events range from as little as £35 up to more than £300, with an overall buy-in of £3200 for the Grand Series of Poker Grand Slam Final.

Aside from the main Grand Series of Poker Online there is also a more affordable mini series at participating casinos online.  GSOP players who don't want to break the bank will find a parallel event schedule with smaller prize but by-ins starting at just a few pounds.  The Mini Grand Series of Poker Online offers similar events to the main series, except the buy-ins are much lower, with corresponding prize pools. This means that even mid stakes and low stakes players can participate in the Grand Series of Poker thanks to the mini series.  Don't miss out on a tournament that's affordable and within the reach of everyone in the United Kingdom.

Although Online casino GSOP events aren't directly connected to their live counterparts, UK players can win seats by playing at casinos online.  GSOP are often up for grabs as part of the prizing in many events at poker rooms and online casinos.

The Grand Series Of Poker Events takes place both online and live, and players can take part in as many of the events as they want.

GSOP Online Sites

If you are going to play in the Grand Series of Poker Online, you'll need to log on to the right casino online.  GSOP events are run by award-winning  software provider Ongame. You'll find online casino GSOP events across the network, including at UK favourites Betsson Poker Room, the Betsafe Poker Room, and Red Kings.  When you visit a casino online, GSOP events deserve your attention.

Moving Beyond Casinos Online: GSOP Live Poker Events

Poker GSOP

Although there's no shortage of excitement at your favourite UK casino online, GSOP Live is where the real action is. Compared to the solitary games offered in the United Kingdom at online casinos, GSOP tournaments are played throughout the year all over Europe and beyond.  See the continent and experience real poker with real people. Of course, live events take a bit more time than tourneys at an internet poker room or online casino.  GSOP live tour stops offers a single Main Event and just a couple of inexpensive side tournaments. Of course you can pack your laptop and tablet to continue playing poker at casinos online.  GSOP fans love experiencing the best of both worlds beyond the United Kingdom.

Grand Series Of Poker Events

If you plan on branching out beyond a casino online, GSOP events can take you far and wide. It's easy to explore Europe with past stop in Croatia, Prague, Marbella, Riga, Malta and Seville.  Let's take a quick look at a few locations of some of the Grand Series of Poker events. Whether you play live or at an online casino, GSOP competition isn't too fierce.

Malta is a small island nation off the coast of Italy that was once under the control of the United Kingdom. It is home to many online gambling brands and offers a thrilling backdrop that will remind poker players of old James Bond films.  Malta still pays home to at least one prominent online casino.  GSOP events are a natural fit.

Riga is the capital of Latvia, and it is a city with a rich history dating back into the medieval days of the Holy Roman Empire and dominance of the Hanseatic League. Fans of architecture will be particularly pleased to visit, and the poker schedule should allow for plenty of exploration of this wonderful city.  

Seville is a major city in the Andalusian region of Spain, with a large amount of influence from both Europe and Africa thanks to its southerly location.

Grand Series of Poker Satellites In The United Kingdom

At online casinos, GSOP satellites are the cheapest way to earn your spot in a live tournament. Online casino GSOP satellites are a great way to earn your buy-ins to the event, but many prize Grand Series of Poker Live prize packs also include accommodations and airfare.

When you play at participating poker rooms or casinos online, GSOP satellites are always up for grabs.  You'll find entries for every budget.  If you have the time and skills to match, try entering the super step qualifier.  You could win an online casino GSOP prize package for less than £1 in just three steps. Super step tournaments are not only affordable and rewarding, but they're ideal for fine-tuning your game.  Be prepared with a freshly sharpened skill set as you move beyond online casinos.  GSOP tournaments are the best way to enhance your online game.

Experience GSOP Action In The UK

When logging onto a casino online, GSOP satellites are available throughout the year. Explore our reviews of the best Ongame poker rooms.  We'll help you find the perfect place to play in the United Kingdom.  Even if you prefer to play live, we'll direct you to the site that has your tickets.

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