Aussie Millions Poker Tournament Guide

Poker Aussie Millions

While online tournaments will definitely get your heart pumping, if you plan of winning a princely sum that will change your life you'll need to broaden your horizons.  If you're looking to expand your game beyond online casinos, Aussie Millions poker tourneys deserve your attention. 

While this annual down under poker tournament might not yet been on your bucket list, players in the United Kingdom might want to grab a pen.  If you love online casinos, Aussie Millions poker tournaments might just blow your mind.  Imagine competing for a massive prize in the world of koalas, kangaroos, and didgeridoos.  No matter how often you visit a live UK or online casino, Aussie Millions tourneys will put that London fog to shame.   Read on to see why this tournament is earning attention in the UK among fans of casinos online.

Aussie Millions Poker Tournament Location

The Aussie Millions live poker tournament series is held each year at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. Among enthusiasts of casinos online, Aussie Millions tournaments are always a very popular event in the Pacific region. Yet the events also draw a surprising number of poker pros from the United States and the UK. Perhaps this is because Australia is a great place to holiday, or maybe it is due to the massive amounts of prize money on offer with even more up for grabs thanks to high roller events in recent years. If you plan on becoming a pro, it's a great place to make your mark and command the attention you deserve.  Why limit yourself to success at casinos online?

Summer in January and playing for prizes in the millions are two of the things that attract so many internationally diverse players to Aussie Millions.

Aussie Millions Schedule

The first thing to note about the Aussie Millions schedule is that the event is one of the earliest major poker series each year, with Aussie Millions games usually played throughout January.  While this might appear out of sync with Las Vegas, the United Kingdom, and online casinos. Aussie Millions players should realize that January is summer in Australia.  There's no sense playing second fiddle to the WSOP especially in the eyes of fans who frequent UK online casinos.  Aussie Millions definitely deserves its own headline anyway.

The vast majority of tournaments on the Aussie Millions schedule are No Limit Hold'em affairs that have buy-ins from less than $1,000.  You will find high roller tournaments with $100K and $250,000K with considerably smaller player pools.  This might seem almost insane if you're used to playing at an online casino. Aussie Million spectators do love a spectacle!  People really do flock to Melbourne to witness the mayhem.  It's a special treat for local poker fans who rarely get to see the game played live for such colossal stakes. It's also impressive to anyone who has dabble at a casino online.

Aussie Millions Main Event

The crown jewel of the Aussie Millions is the Aussie Millions Main Event. This has a buy-in of around $10,000 and generally lasts for 5 or so days. The Aussie Millions Main Event routinely offers one of the biggest live tournament prize pools outside of the World Series of Poker, with first place generally taking away a prize worth $2 million or more.

Many pro players from the United Kingdom  and elsewhere fly in to Australia specifically to take part in the Aussie Millions Main Event, and they often have a great deal of success. This is likely due to the large amount of dead money contributed by local players. While Australia has produced a number of highly talented poker greats, its overall player base is not the best.  There aren't that many places to play aside from casinos online.

Aussie Millions Satellites

Poker Aussie Millions

Aussie Millions satellites are a very common sight at online poker rooms near the end of the year. These can be for any of the events on the Aussie Millions schedule, but most will be aimed at the Aussie Millions Main Event. You better start practicing now at an online casino.  Aussie Millions seats are something you don't want to miss.

The bigger sites will sometimes even offer casino online Aussie Millions satellites that cover travel and accommodation in addition to the buy-in. This can make Aussie Millions satellites a great chance for  holiday, with the added bonus of giving you a chance to make a couple million dollars to extend your time away from work. It looks like that training might come in handy.  Better practice at an online casino.

Aussie Millions Final Table

The Aussie Millions final table is usually the interesting kind that has a mix of known pro players, some up and comers, and a few dangerous or dangerously lucky amateurs. This makes the Aussie Millions final table one to watch and the tournament structure almost always makes for a fairly quick resolution, without turning the last few places into a game of sheer luck. Of course anything can happen.  Just like when you play a major tournament at a casino online.

Aussie Millions Results

For many tournament leaderboards for annual awards and the like, the Aussie Millions results are quite serious for determining the likely contenders in Player of the Year standings and similar rankings. While players have a long time after the Aussie Millions to earn more leaderboard points, players who top the Aussie Millions results in multiple events often leave the rest of the poker playing populace having to simply catch up through the rest of the year.  If you do win, you can sit on the side lines or just stick to the action at casinos online.  Aussie Millions champs can afford to retire but why abandon the fun.  People will want to live vicariously through you when they find themselves seated beside you at an online casino.

Aussie Millions Winners

Just like the tournaments at online casinos, Aussie Millions winners hail from all over the globe.  Although 2015 main event winner Manny Stavropoulos is Australian, a Canadian named Ami Barer won the top prize in 2014.  Malaysian Mervin Chan nabbed the $1.6 million top prize in 2013.  A Dane, two New Zealanders, a Russian, and two other Aussies were previously crowned champion.  Players from the United Kingdom made their mark early on with Peter Costa winning the main event in 2003 and Tony Bloom following suit a year later.  It's been a while but maybe you'll carry the Union Jack in 2016!  If you love playing at a casino online, Aussie Millions tournaments might be the next step.

Win Your Seat At A Casino Online: Aussie Millions Main Event

Don't sell yourself short even if the $10,000 main event buy-in, which is only £5,000, seems beyond your budget.  When you visit a top online casino, Aussie Millions seats might just be up for grabs. As mentioned earlier, not only can you win your seat at a casino online, Aussie Millions prize packs are often all inclusive.  If you've got the skills, it's even possible to parlay a few pence into the trip of a lifetime with satellite tournaments at online casinos.  Aussie Millions players should pack plenty of sunscreen.  Don't forget the seasons are reversed down under.  Hopefully your luck won't be turned upside down in January. 

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