The Australia New Zealand Poker Tour


The Australia New Zealand Poker Tour is a PokerStars sponsored poker tour with multiple stops in both Australia and New Zealand. At online casinos, ANZPT is the common abbreviation. While both countries are already part of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, the popularity of poker in these two nations is greater and there is more money in the poker economy. Players in both countries love playing poker at casinos online. ANZPT prize money is nothing to laugh at even if it eclipsed by the Aussie Millions alone. Yet when you consider the greater number of events and that the tour covers a few more remote areas, it's easy to account for its success.  It's even popular in the UK among players of the top online casino.  ANZPT is an obvious hit with the locals too.

ANZPT Schedule

The ANZPT schedule usually runs from February through to October of the same year. Stops on the ANZPT schedule include Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Queenstown, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, and even Darwin. It might seem odd that Brisbane is missing from this list, but the Gold Coast is generally considered to be better for tourists and the Treasury Casino is generally thought to be quite bad for poker. At least the residents of Brisbane have the option of games at an online casino.  ANZPT fans can always hope for an expanded schedule soon enough.

Most of the ANZPT schedule involves buy-ins around the same level of between AUD$2,200 and AUD$2,500. A few key events may increase the buy-in to $3,000. Currently, the buy-ins aren't prohibitive to players who have a good day at a casino online.  ANZPT events typically attract a field of between 200 to 400 players, with prize pools of around $500K to $700K. That's impressive if you've ever visited a poker room at a UK casino online.

You can win a full-entry package for ANZPT through a bit of luck-inspired poker playing at the right online casino.

ANZPT Winners

Don't be discouraged just because you are a United Kingdom fan of casinos online. ANZPT winners do usually come from Australia and New Zealand, which should not surprise anyone. Of course now that prize packages are available at casinos online, ANZPT is fair game to entrants from the UK and across the globe. Some of the recent ANZPT winners include Psaros Dimitrios, Michael Kane, Edison Nguyen, Scott Kerr, Daniel Chevalier, Chris Levick, Paren Arzoomanian, Karl Krautschneider, Rennie Carnevale, Tony Hachem, Angelo Hanataj, Jason Gray, Julian Cohen, Nauv Kashyap, Martin Kozlov, Octavian Voegele, and the legendary "Brotha D" AKA Danny Leaoasavali.

The most well known of these ANZPT winners is surely Tony Hachem, who is the brother of WSOP Main Event winner Joe Hachem. The Hachem name is now well known at online casinos.  ANZPT followers realise Tony may not be quite as accomplished as his brother, but he exhibits the same level of class and dedication to the game. This has seen him clean up at ANZPT events, and he is likely to take more of these tournaments in the future.

Brotha D is another of the notable ANZPT winners, as he also has an APPT title under his belt. The New Zealand hip hop legend has done quite well in these local events, winning in both neighbouring countries and his home nation, as well as at casinos online.

ANZPT Results


To fans of casinos online, ANZPT results are important, as they are used to decide the ANZPT Player of the Year. This award comes with a great prize - entries into the four Asia Pacific Poker Tour events as well as the Aussie Millions Main Event or the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event. Obviously, this makes finishing at the top of the ANZPT results for multiple events a good idea, as the buy-ins for all of those tournaments can be quite high with equally massive prize money. That's as good as anything you can win by sticking solely to UK online casinos.

ANZPT Player of the Year

As mentioned, the ANZPT Player of the Year gets entries into many major regional events, which should be familiar if you watch poker on the telly or play at a casino online. ANZPT season 1 and 2 Player of the Year honours went to Tony Hachem.  Tony joined his brother Joe as a sponsored PokerStars Pro. Tony has earned his ANZPT Player of the Year titles every step of the way, however, as he consistently performs well in the events he enters. David Lim took the honour in 2014, Iori Yogo rocked the show in 2013, and Mishel Anunu was the king in 2012.  All of these names should ring a bell to poker players at online casinos. ANZPT titles could be in your grasp.

The overall ANZPT Player of the Year isn't the only winner, however, as the runner-up and third place player also receive prizes. The ANZPT Player of the Year runner up gets sponsorship to 5 ANZPT events in the next season, and the third place winner earns a combination of other Main Event entry packages chosen by PokerStars. If you ever play poker at an online casino, ANZPT leaderboard structures should seem familiar. It might not be the industry standard but it's common at online casinos.

ANZPT Satellites

If you want to enter Australia New Zealand Poker Tour events, but don't have the money to spare for a full entry fee, then we would recommend the online casino ANZPT satellites at poker sites and online casinos. ANZPT poker packages are always up for grabs. Many of these ANZPT satellites can be found at PokerStars, as the site sponsors the tour. By playing in online casino ANZPT satellites, you can win your entry and accommodation for the events at a fraction of the cost of paying for it all yourself. That's just one of the perks you'll find at a United Kingdom casino online.

ANZPT aspirants have many ways to get in the game. You'll find affordable multistage satellites at most poker rooms.  That means your casino online ANZPT prize package could cost you less than a quid in the UK.  Of course you'll need a little luck and skill to make it happen at online casinos.

ANZPT: Book Your Trip To Southern Hemisphere

Who doesn't love playing at a casino online?  ANZPT stops are a great way to bring your game into the real world in a massive way. Who says you can't leave the United Kingdom? If you've never been to Australia or New Zealand, you'll probably feel at home.  Not only are these nations part of the British commonwealth, but both countries have the queen on their money and union jack on their flag.  They also speak your language and we're not just talking about the lingo you hear at online casinos.

ANZPT organizers aren't dumb. They know what you probably should.  Australia and New Zealand have burgeoning poker scenes.  It's not as bustling as the UK, but that could work to your advantage. Think of yourself as a shark in a pond at an online casino. ANZPT players might just have to take your bait. To think we haven't yet mentioned the beauty of the land.  Whether you win a casino online ANZPT prize package or buy your way into the game, it's a trip worth taking from the United Kingdom.

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