A Guide to Mobile Casino Gaming

Mobile Guide

Mobile gambling is the biggest development in the online casino world since games first made the jump onto a computer screen. Players are now found using a huge variety of different mobile devices to play at casinos, including iPads, iPhones and Android devices, and online casinos are constantly trying to upgrade and update their mobile platform. So, if you’re looking to start gambling on your mobile, we’ve produced this handy little guide to the best devices for you.

  • See which devices are best for mobile gambling
  • Find out about the apps available for different devices
  • Understand what to look for in a good mobile gambling device

The Best Devices for Mobile Gambling

With so many phones and tablets on the market, it is often tough to know which one is best for mobile gamblers. After all, they all have their different selling points. We’ve broken them down into three key categories though, namely: screen size, app availability and connectivity.

When it comes to screen size, mobile gamblers should stick to one rule: the bigger the better. This is the main reason why tablets have such a large head-start over phones. Playing on something like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Note means that you’ll have the easiest experience when it comes to seeing what’s going on, and making selections on screen. This doesn’t mean that phones don’t do a good job though, especially when you consider that most smartphones are now getting bigger – just look at the newer iPhones and Samsung Galaxies.

Next is app availability. When it comes to this area, there are two types of devices that streak way ahead of the rest: devices with Apple or Android operating systems. This is because many sites create apps solely for these platforms, and not for phones like BlackBerry and Windows phones. You can still play at mobile casinos using a BlackBerry or Windows phone though, however you’ll only usually have the option of playing via the browser, and not via an app.

The final thing is connectivity, which means the ability for a device to connect to the internet. This is where phones have an advantage over some tablets, as some tablets can only connect to Wi-Fi connections, and don’t have 3G/4G capabilities. This is clearly a problem if you are going to be heading to places without Wi-Fi connections available.

So, you’ll need to weigh up these above factors before choosing on the device that best suits your needs. There is no overall best device, however there will be a device that is best for you.

Players are now found using a huge variety of different mobile devices to play at casinos, including iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

Apps vs Browser Play

In all honesty, there isn’t a huge amount of difference when it comes to playing on an app or a browser. The biggest advantage an app has is the fact that it’s simply more convenient though, with players being able to access their favourite online casino with the click of a button. There is a disadvantage to apps as well though, as they often don’t offer all of the features found at the actual mobile site, including features like banking and live support. This can be particularly frustrating for players at times.

Browsers also have their advantages and disadvantages too. They nearly always have a better selection of games and banking options, and if they don’t, you usually have the option to switch to the desktop site, where you’ll be able to find everything. Much of a player’s experience when using a browser depends on how well the site has modified their mobile site though – some have done it brilliantly, while others have done a pretty poor job in the conversion.

Popular Devices for Mobile Gambling

Mobile Guide

Nearly all devices can be used for mobile gambling, however some are more popular than the others. Apple devices are the most commonly seen in the UK, and these include the iPhone and the IPad, plus more and more people are starting to using their Apple Watch to gamble with. They are popular as they are supported by 99% of online casinos, plus the apps are known to be very high quality.

Android phones are also popular with gamblers, and they often represent a more affordable alternative to Apple devices, which can have some really high monthly tariffs. They too are well catered for by mobile casinos. So, if you have either an Apple or an Android device, playing at a mobile casino should be incredibly easy.

The Best Casinos Offering Mobile Gambling

There’s a really easy way to find the best mobile casinos, and it’s simply by looking through the reviews right here at this site. We’ve compiled honest reviews of many of the mobile casinos available to players in the UK, and you’ll be able to use them to work out which is best for you. So, why not take a look through them right now?

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