Online Casino Live Dealer Roulette

Live Roulette

This version of roulette gives UK gamblers the chance to play online roulette but bet on a real wheel with a real ball and real croupier.

Online casino Live Dealer roulette is the latest innovation in Internet casino gambling. It's fast, furious, fun, and is a massive change to the humdrum online games that have been around for years. Some operators and software developers really take this concept to new heights with authentic casino equipment and gorgeous dealers so if you want to see live games in all their glory, you can head over to our overall top choice: Betway Casino.

Whether you're into betting on columns, covering the outside bets, or hitting your favourite number, playing roulette with a Live Dealer is just like being in a British casino without the hassle of actually going there. And we have the best sites right here.

Discover a great Live Dealer roulette casino online:

  • Bet on a real-life roulette wheel
  • Chat with the dealer in real time
  • Grab an exclusive welcome bonus for Live Casino players

How to Play Roulette Online With A Live Dealer

Live Roulette

When you click on the Live Casino tab in the site lobby, you'll have a choice of games to pick from. Most top casinos offer European Roulette as standard, but depending on the software used, you might find other Internet-specific variants.

Once you've loaded up the game screen, you'll see a human dealer beamed in live via webcam from a studio environment or land-based casino.

The dealer directs the action as in a bricks 'n' mortar. You 'place bets' on the virtual table on-screen by dragging chips onto the numbers or outside bets you want. Once the live dealer calls 'no more bets', the wheel is spun and the winning number called. All winning bets will then be made automatically by the computer.

If you get stuck you can ask the dealer questions via the on-screen chatbox or just engage in a little small-talk. Once the game is over, the dealer will call for bets to be placed and the action starts again.

As in an online roulette game, you will be able to see the previous 10 or so numbers that have been spun.

Our recommended live dealer roulette casinos offer good odds and fun gameplay.

Live Dealer Roulette Variants

The beauty of roulette on the web is that UK players can enjoy all manner of exciting variants. However, due to the human element that a croupier brings, you're usually restricted to the types of UK roulette you can play.

European Roulette

The classic version of roulette, found in every UK land-based casino, is available at our top-rated websites. The game comes with just the single zero (0) slot, making the house edge a more manageable 2.7 percent, rather than the 5.26 percent you'll find in American Roulette.

Immersive Roulette

Why settle for one camera angle when you can enjoy half a dozen? With Immersive Roulette, powered by popular developer, Evolution Gaming, Immersive Roulette gives you multiple camera views of the wheel and croupier as the action unfolds, and even offers a slow-motion option so you can watch the ball fall agonisingly into your number. Even better, Immersive Roulette comes in 200-frames-per-second HD for added clarity.

Blacklisted UK Casinos

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    Cherry Red Casino

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    Cirrus Casino

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    Euro City Casino

    Ongoing payment problems

View our top recommended and trustworthy casinos

Double Roulette

The beauty of online casino roulette is that you can play 'multi-table' games where you can bet on more than one table at once. That problem has been fixed with Double Roulette, an online casino UK Live Dealer roulette game that features two tables for double the gambling.

French Roulette

While not as common online as European Roulette, French Roulette is a game that features some great insurance bets like En Prison and La Partage. Essentially, they're money-back bets in case the dealer spins a zero and are great for lowering the casino's house edge.

Beginner's Tips & Strategy

The best advice for online casino UK Live Dealer roulette is the same as in a land-based game: stick to even-money bets, avoid variants that skew the house edge in the casino's favour, and employ sensible bankroll management.

Make use of the site software where you can. Some variations, like Immersive Roulette, display hundreds of historic numbers so you can see what's 'hot' and 'cold'.

Things to Remember

While playing at a Live Dealer roulette casino online is fun and frantic, it's important to know the differences to classic Internet roulette.

By its nature, roulette with Live Dealers can take much longer to play than normal web roulette. While that's fine for casual gamblers, if you're trying to crack a welcome bonus that requires lots of play-through, it can be a bind.

In addition, some casinos won't even accept Live Roulette when contributing towards a play-through requirement so make sure you check the Ts and Cs before you play.

Hunt the Top UK Live Dealer Roulette Casinos Online

If you're looking for the best Live Dealer online roulette, we have it covered. Here you'll find reviews of the top gambling sites with the widest range of games around.

From Immersive Roulette to classic European, Live Dealer roulette casinos online offer the latest innovation in Internet gaming. And with great welcome bonuses to get you started, you can spin and win even more.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does live dealer roulette work?

Live dealer roulette works just the same as playing roulette in a casino does. You bet on a number or colour option, then the real dealer spins the wheel and tosses a ball out onto it. Wherever the ball lands determines whether you make money or lose it.

Is it safe to play live dealer roulette?

As long as you play at a casino built on reputable software you can trust in live dealer roulette. The game is protected by careful encryption and other security measures.

How popular is it?

Live dealer roulette is one of the most popular live dealer games that you can play today and is offered at nearly every casino that has live dealer games. That’s because the live dealer version of the game is almost identical to the game that you’ll experience at the casino.

When can I play (is it time restricted)?

If you join the right casino you can play any time that you like. Some are time restricted though, so look into that before you join up with the casino. You don’t want to join a site that never has live dealer games when you are on.

Is live dealer roulette mobile compatible?

Live dealer roulette can be played on some mobile devices as long as those devices are compatible with the casino. Check which devices are supported before you commit to playing at a certain location.

Is it possible to trial the game before playing?

Many times it is not possible to test out a live dealer roulette game before you play it. That’s because the games usually aren’t available to play to non-members like most of the slot games are.

Is live dealer roulette fair?

Live dealer roulette is fair because it relies on an actual wheel and ball just like the physical game does at a casino. You can enjoy the same odds online as you can in person with this setup.

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