A Guide to Random Number Generators at UK Online Casinos

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One of the main accusations levelled against online casinos is that they cheat, defrauding players out of money through their dishonest actions. This is also one of the biggest misconceptions, as it is completely untrue. It is now pretty much impossible for an online casino to cheat, thanks to a raft of measures employed to counter it, such as random number generators – the subject discussed in the article below.

  • Find out what random number generators are
  • See how RNGs are monitored by external bodies
  • Understand why online casinos can’t cheat their players

Explained: Random Number Generators

Perhaps the most important thing to understand about RNGs is what they are exactly, as to most they are simply a term bandied about by casinos and software companies. Well, a random number generator is essentially a program that randomly selects every spin of the reels, and every hand of cards. These RNGs are incredibly complex, often having billions of different possible outcomes, and are controlled by algorithms that are incredibly secure and almost impossible to hack, even by the best minds in the world.

All RNGs are essentially number generating machines, as each spin of the reel or hand dealt is assigned a number. So, for example, you might get a pair of Aces when playing blackjack, and this could be because the algorithm randomly selected the number 1,500,000. This number isn’t just controlling the cards you receive though, but also the cards received by the dealer, and the cards that will be dealt to players should they decide to hit.

It is also really important to mention that RNGs always work in exactly the same way, regardless of situations. Therefore, a progressive slot is just as likely to hand out a jackpot when it’s at a low level as it is when it reaches into the millions. The main thing to remember is this though: RNGs ensure that games are totally random, and that casinos can’t influence the turn of a card, roll of the dice, or spin of the reels.

A Random Number Generator is essentially a program that randomly selects every spin of the reels, and every hand of cards.

How Random Number Generators Are Monitored

You might still have some concerns about random number generators, and they will probably concern the influence that online casinos can exert on them. After all, if the casino or software producer has designed the RNG, couldn’t they rig it in their favour, without anyone knowing? This is not the case though, as all reputable online casinos will have their RNGs tested and verified by an independent third party organisation, to ensure that it is completely fair. What’s more, these tests aren’t carried out once, but multiple times, to make sure that fairness is maintained all the time.

The main organisation monitoring RNGs in the UK is eCOGRA and they are extremely well trusted by players. They generally conduct checks on RNGs twice per year, plus they also independently verify the payout percentages of different games at casinos. If you want to find out whether a casino has been tested and approved by them, you can simply check on their website. Be aware that there are also alternatives to eCOGRA, such as TST, so you won’t always find the name of a casino on the eCOGRA website.

Other Ways in Which Online Casinos Are Monitored

RNG Guide

Online casinos are also monitored in other ways as well, which only serves to increase the amount of security UK players should feel. The biggest of these monitoring bodies is the Gambling Commission, and it is now a requirement that any site accepting UK players is monitored by them. They not only monitor online casinos, but also have the power to strip them of their licences if they prove that any cheating has been going on. This has been the case since 2014, and has massively increased the standards at online casinos.

Independent gambling sites, such as the one you’re on right now, also play a big role in holding casinos to account. This is because we constantly test online casinos in a number of different areas, and actively monitor them to make sure they are acting fairly. Because of the amount of review sites, blogs and forums, as well as social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, casinos know that any suspicious activity would be reported straight away, meaning that cheating really isn’t worth the risk for them.

The Myth of Online Gambling Systems

While browsing online, you might have come across gambling systems that claim to have cracked the codes behind various casino games. You should steer clear of these though, as they are all making false claims. In theory, it is possible to crack an RNG, but it would take years and years of research and the kind of computing power not available to the average player. So, save your money and simply enjoy playing at an online casino, instead of trying to find loopholes and hacks that simply don’t exist.

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