Why Online Casinos Are Definitely Not Rigged

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You’ll probably have heard it before, with people constantly saying that online casinos are a scam, and that they are completely rigged. Back when online casinos were first released, cheating could have been possible, however nowadays online casinos would find it virtually impossible to rig their games, even if they wanted to. So, if you need some ammunition for the next time someone accuses a casino of being rigged, you should find the guide below to be extremely helpful.

  • Look at what Random Number Generators are
  • See why online casinos simply can’t cheat
  • Understand the penalties a casino would face for cheating

Why Do People Think Online Casinos Cheat?

There’s one main reason for people deciding that a casino cheats: bad luck. What most players don’t realise is that the law of averages doesn’t guarantee that a win follows a loss, or that they recoup the exact RTP advertised on a slot machine. Instead, players might lose multiple times in a row, or even win multiple times in a row. When these losing streaks occur though, it’s easy to simply blame the casino for them, instead of simply putting it down to bad luck – which is exactly what it is.

So-called “bad beats” also play a role in people thinking that casinos are rigged. For example, another player hitting their card on the river during a game of poker would be called a bad beat. These losses stick in the mind longer than any wins though, which is why people are usually so keen to bring them up. Winning and losing go hand in hand at online casinos, and players need to accept that both will happen to them at some point.

Back when online casinos were first released, cheating could have been possible, however nowadays online casinos would find it virtually impossible to rig their games.

Why Casinos Can’t Cheat

The first reason why casinos don’t cheat is a simple one: they don’t need to. Casinos are profitable businesses, and they make more than enough money without having to resort to underhand tactics. In fact, cheating could be potentially disastrous for them, as if found out they’d lose huge amounts of money, and could even go out of business. Cheating simply isn’t worth the risk for them.

All UK players are also protected by a regulatory body when playing at an online casino, which comes in the form of the UK Gambling Commission. This is a government run organisation, tasked with overseeing the ways in which each and every casino operates, with a particular remit to look at how fairly they treat their players. It is mandatory for any casino accepting online players from the UK to be regulated by the Gambling Commission, so if you find a casino that isn’t, you should avoid it extremely quickly.

Review sites, such as this one, are also extremely important when it comes to regulating casinos. We would expose a casino in an instant if we believed it to be cheating, and let our huge number of readers know all about them. Nothing will escape the eyes of at least one reviewer around the world, so any scam would be uncovered almost instantly.

What are Random Number Generators?

Rigged Guide

A random number generator is a computer programme designed to ensure that all outcomes produced at a casino game are, as the name suggests, random. This is done by an algorithm built into the RNG, which is so complex that it’s virtually impossible to hack. The best online casinos use RNGs that are independently tested, monitored and verified by external companies, so you can be sure that they are 100% fair. The details surrounding a random number generator can usually be found at the footer of a casino’s page, along with the ways in which it is tested.

If you want to find out more about random number generators, we have a page dedicated to them here on this site.

What Would Happen if a Casino Was Caught Cheating?

The penalties that would be handed down to a casino caught cheating would be severe, to say the very least. The UK Gambling Commission would almost certainly order the site to stop accepting UK players and, if the company was based in the UK, could even shut the site down entirely. What’s more, prosecutions would almost certainly follow, with both the casino and individual staff members taken to court.

Cheating casinos might also face court proceedings from a huge number of players, all of whom lost out due to the casino’s underhand practices. This, when combined with the threat of closure, is enough to persuade casinos that cheating their players quite simply isn’t worth it.

Play at Trusted Sites Thanks to Our Reviews

If you are still concerned about games at online casinos being rigged, then you should read through the reviews on this site. We only recommend sites that we can vouch for 100%, so you can play at an online casino with confidence. What’s more, we are completely independent, so under no pressure to write favourable reviews for any online casino.

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