Online Casino Jackpots Explained

Casino Jackpots

Do your casino fantasies involve striking it rich? What’s the point of setting your sights on a pittance when you could play for a jackpot of a million pounds or more? Even if the odds are long, few can resist the allure of a big payday, especially when playing is within everyone’s budget.

If it really doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, shouldn’t you aim to win handsomely when luck is on your side? When you play jackpot games, your computer could literally make you rich overnight. No matter what your favourite game happens to be, you’ll find jackpot games that feel like they were made exclusively for you. Discover all the excitement right now.

Jackpot Primer

If you’ve ever logged onto an online casino or even browsed a casino web site, chances are you’ve seen huge prizes advertised. These jackpots, which sometimes top a million pounds, aren’t just big. Many of them grow by the second! It’s hard not to be drawn to the huge jackpot metre that won’t sit still.

Despite the obvious allure, many new players wonder if these jackpots are real and whether anyone actually hits them. The answer to both of those questions is yes. Experts estimate that online gamblers wager over £25 billion a year. That’s an unfathomable number yet it puts those handsome jackpots in perspective.

The Power Of The Network

It’s important to understand that the biggest jackpots are shared across a network of several casinos. You may not realise it but many casinos use similar software and are technically connected to each other. That’s why games at different online casinos have a familiar look and feel.

Some of the most common software and network platforms are Playtech, RTG, Boss Media, and Microgaming. Network participation isn’t a secret and most sites proudly tell you what software platform is at their core. As far as you are concerned, network traffic is a great thing. It helps jackpots grow quickly and replenish themselves after someone hits them.

Progressive jackpots offer millions in potential prize money.

Progressive Slots

The most popular online casino jackpots are the progressive slot variety. They tend to be largest both in the amount you can win and the number of players they attract. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation, yet all you need to know is they are huge and will become huge again after they are hit. Progressive slots are a lot like the lottery and require no skill. You don’t need to know anything and it won’t cost you a lot to play but the payoff is huge. We’re talking potentially in a life changing way. Of course the odds of actually winning aren’t favourable, but people do win. It’s a case of why not you!

To be eligible to win a progressive slot, you’ll need to play on a designated machine that contributes and participates in the jackpot. These come in all sort of stakes but the typical catch is that in order to be eligible to win, you’ll need to place the maximum bet. If you hit the winning combination, the jackpot is yours. Of course you’ll get a lesser prize if you’ve bet less than the maximum and it won’t even be a small fraction of the massive pot.

Video Poker Jackpots

Casino Jackpots

Unlike playing slot, succeeding at video poker requires skill. You’ll need to understand the odds of landing favourable hands and which cards to discard if you want to win. Not all video poker games have progressive jackpots but they are clearly marked. You’ll also notice that video poker progressive jackpots aren’t as impressive or large as the slot jackpots.

Most video poker machines require you to land a royal flush while betting the maximum to hit the jackpot. Some machines do have additional stipulations. If you already know poker, these games can be more fun over all even if you don’t hit the jackpot.

Table Game Jackpots

Although you won’t find table game jackpots at every casino, they do add an extra layer of fun to the action. Generally table game jackpots let you place a special side bet when enjoying baccarat, blackjack, or variations of poker. In order to hit the jackpot, you’ll need to land a specific hand.

While table game jackpots tend to be much smaller than both slot and video poker jackpots, they are easier to achieve. You’ll also win your hand on top of the side bet. It’s fun to play them occasionally even if not on every hand.

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