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Game Tips

The greatest online casinos always offer as much fun as you can handle. Yet everyone knows entertainment is only part of the equation. Like most players, you probably play to win. While winning is largely a matter of chance, you can dramatically increase the odds of success with a few pointers. Browse our handy baccarat, blackjack, roulette, slot machine, and video poker tips to get more out of your games.

Baccarat Tips

Baccarat continues to be a favourite amongst high-rolling players for one simple, but obvious reason: a low house edge. The goal is simple: reaching a score close to a “natural” nine or eight. Having a thorough understanding of the rules is a definite advantage. A large number of players from the UK have enjoyed successful, short term wins at Baccarat. If you intend to make your bank roll last longer and hit a profitable, winning streak, we have compiled a list of essential tips:

When playing baccarat always bet on the banker. Even though you’ll have to pay a commission, your odds of winning are still better than wagering on the player. The commission simply ensures that the casino still has an advantage in the long haul.

Never bet on a tie in baccarat. Although the 8 to 1 payout is alluring, you can expect to lose nine out of ten times on average when wagering on a tie.

Look for low commission baccarat games. While most sites charge 5% when you bet on the banker and win, some casinos don’t adhere to this commission schedule. Always aim for 5% or less.

Aim for the smallest shoe possible. Some sites do offer baccarat using only six decks, rather than the standard eight. A smaller shoe means a smaller advantage for the house.

Don’t bet on streaks. You should consider each baccarat hand in isolation. That’s true whether you play live on online.

Blackjack Tips

For players interested in fattening their wallets while enjoying their time, Blackjack is an obvious choice. If anything can be more exciting than playing Blackjack, it has to be winning at Blackjack. While there is no magical formula for winning, it is possible to strategically improve your chances of success against the dealer. We do not make promises of helping you surpass the house’s advantage altogether, but following this advice can bring you rather close to being at par with the house:

Always play correctly and use a strategy chart. It will tell you when to stand, hit, double down, or split based on your cards and what the dealer shows. There is always a correct move and absolutely no reason to deviate from it.

Card counting is an effective strategy if you have the mental savvy, but it won’t work online even in live dealer games.

Don’t fall into the insurance trap. It’s a sucker’s bet that will eat into your winnings over time. Consider it the overpriced extended warranty of the casino world.

If surrendering is an option at your table, definitely surrender with a hard 15 if the dealer has 10 or a hard 16 if the dealer has an ace, 9, or 10.

No matter what betting system you use, realise the house has a mathematical advantage over the long haul. That doesn’t mean you can’t win, but don’t be afraid to walk away when you are way ahead.

Learn these game tips and instantly begin winning more.

Roulette Tips

While Roulette has largely been favoured by players from Europe, it has been a leading symbol for casino gambling for over two hundred years. Try recollecting a scene from a TV show or a movie or even a photograph set in a casino, the roulette wheel is bound to be clearly visible. Furthermore, it is an obvious centre of attention. Whether you’re a beginner at the roulette wheel or a seasoned expert, we hope the following guidelines will be helpful for you to score big:

Always play European or French roulette variations. Playing American roulette will reduce your odds of winning. If you see both a 0 and 00 on the wheel then find another table.

Avoid straight up or single number wagers. Although the 35:1 payout is enticing, most players will have better results with lower odds wagers.

Betting on a row, column, even, odd, or colour can insulate you from racking up huge losses, especially during short playing sessions.

Like in all games of chance, bankroll management is critical. Make sure you divide your money into small bets so you can handle variance. You don’t want an early losing streak to eat up all your funds before you have the opportunity to get hot.

Take advantage of exciting roulette options that are only available online including the ability to play multiple tables or even use multiple balls on a single wheel. These are particularly fun to pair with any of the popular betting systems or strategies.

Slot Machine Tips

Game Tips

Flashing lights, interesting sounds and the idea of hitting a gigantic jackpot have always enamoured players around the world. Gamblers from the UK are no different and have continued to play at slots since they were introduced. It is important to note that slots pick out winners by means of a computer algorithm called, “Random Number Generator” (RNG). Therefore, there is no guarantee for a player to win any time they spin the wheel. Nevertheless, if you’re fascinated by how slots work and want to increase your bank roll, here are a few realities to set the record straight:

Always play the slots with the highest payout rates. Your odds of winning vary widely depending on where you play and which particular games you play. This is true both online and in live games.

You’ll usually need to place the maximum bet if you want a shot at winning a progressive jackpot. Read the posted requirements before spinning to avoid disappointment.

Don’t be deceived by multiple pay line slots. Although these elaborate slots give you more ways to win, you’ll need to pay for the privilege. Consult the payout rates when playing.

Slots can exhaust your bankroll quicker than other casino games. It’s easy to make several spins each minute. Make sure to pace yourself and your money.

Video Poker Tips

Offering some of the finest odds on a casino floor, video poker can be an exceedingly lucrative pastime. If you’re dedicated to practicing the game and gaining perfection, video poker can bring big returns on every single quid you stake. Here are our top picks of dos-and-don’ts for all players drawn to video poker and hoping to win big:

Get familiar with the payout tables. Some games have better odds than others. Always aim for the best value when choosing a particular poker variation.

Refer to an online strategy chart for your game. It will instruct you which cards to hold and discard. You’ll need the right chart for whatever game version you play.

Always place the maximum number of coins at games that offer bonuses for select hands. You won’t qualify for these bonuses otherwise. You can always play a lower stakes machine if playing more than one coin is beyond your budget.

Some games actually pay out more than 100% but you’ll need to find those machines and adhere to your strategy chart. Keep in mind that these odds are only true over the long haul.

When it comes to grinding or winning a jackpot, patience is essential when playing video poker. Winning is less of a rarity compared to playing slots, provided you know the rules.

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