Live Casino Etiquette

Casino Etiquette

When enjoying online casino action, anything goes. You can log on without getting dressed or knowing the rules. Online casino software automatically prevents you from making illegal bets or disrupting other players, even if you click recklessly. Live casinos on the other hand can overwhelm first time visitors. That’s why it’s important to get intimately familiar with live casino etiquette before heading out on the town.

Casino etiquette isn’t complicated. It’s neither rocket science nor as consequential as royal etiquette when meeting Queen Elizabeth for tea. Either way understanding etiquette will prevent you from looking foolish or, worse, like a total amateur. Read on and learn how to behave in a casino. We’ll have you looking like a pro before your first visit.

Before You Go

While online casinos give you the flexibility to wear whatever you wish including nothing at all, some live casinos do have a dress code. Most venues won’t let you in wearing swimming trunks, flip-flops or a lewd t-shirt. While you don’t have to look like James Bond or wear a tuxedo, upscale casinos do prefer at least smart casual dress. Don’t be afraid to check the casino’s website for guidelines or call before heading out. Be sure to bring your identification to prove that you are at least 18.

Know The Rules Of The Game

You’ll want to get familiar with the game rules before visiting a casino. Online casinos are probably the most comfortable place to master the rules and pace of the game. You can play online for free before heading to a live casino.

Many live casino dealers will take the time to explain the games, provided they aren’t busy. Most casinos do offer lessons, tutorials, or pamphlets that explain each game should something unexpectedly strike your fancy.

Taking Your Seat

  • Tables have minimums and maximums, which you’ll find posted on the table. Make sure you choose a table that fits your budget.
  • Seats are reserved for players. If you aren’t playing, you shouldn’t take a seat at a table. You may be asked to leave either immediately or when your seat is needed.
  • Craps tables feature a rail rather than chairs. Don’t get too close to the rail if you aren’t wagering and refrain from interfering with the shooter.

Money Matters

  • You’ll need to buy chips if you want to play.
  • Wait until the current hand is over before you buy in.
  • Place your cash on the table and ask the dealer for chips or change.
  • Dealers aren’t allowed to take cash out of your hands.
  • You can request any available denomination of chips from the dealer.
  • After placing your wager, don’t touch your bet until you win and get paid.

Table Etiquette

Casino Etiquette
  • Do not insult the dealer or other players.
  • If you don’t like your results at a table then find a new table.
  • Talking, messaging, or surfing the web on your mobile is usually not allowed and always frowned upon at the tables.
  • Taking photos, shooting videos, or using skype at the tables is forbidden.
  • Unless you are playing Pai Gow, do not ask the dealer for advice, as your dealer doesn’t want to be responsible if you lose.
  • Pai Gow dealers can instruct how to play your hand in accordance with house rules.
  • Touching face up cards is frowned upon when playing most games.
  • You are free to leave the table whenever you choose without warning.

Blackjack Etiquette

  • Don’t ask the dealer to reveal his or her pocket cards even jokingly.
  • Play using one hand to avoid looking like a cheater.
  • To avoid confusion signal hit and stand with your hands in addition to your mouth.
  • Don’t assist the dealer by turning over your cards, as your hand needs to be seen by the cameras above.

Roulette Etiquette

  • When playing roulette, you’ll get your own coloured chips to avoid confusion with other players.
  • Do not swap chips with other players or combine them with your friend’s chips.
  • You’ll need to cash in your roulette chips at the table where you played.
  • Make sure to collect any winning bets in between hands. If you leave chips on the table you’ll wager them on the next spin.

Craps Etiquette

  • You can place pass, don’t pass, field, come, big 6/8, and odds bets yourself.
  • Place your cash on the layout and kindly instruct the dealer to make any other bets on your behalf.
  • If you have the privilege of being the shooter make sure you toss the dice, as sliding them is prohibited.
  • Do not interfere or touch the table when someone else is tossing the dice.


Although not typically part of our culture, tipping is becoming more common in casinos throughout the UK. Even if tipping is entirely optional, dealers at most casinos welcome tips. Feel free to share the wealth and your thanks if you win. Keep in mind that tips are often pooled, which means your dealer may only receive a small fraction of your particular tip.


You can usually enjoy drinks on the gaming floor. A couple of drinks can enhance your fun but make sure to pace yourself and not overdo it. Being drunk will dampen your performance and can lead you to wager excessively. You may be asked to leave if you are slobbering and stammering at the tables.

Handling Disputes

The Gambling Act spells out the procedure for handling player disputes. If you have a complaint while at the table tell the dealer. If you aren’t happy then take your issue to the pit boss or floor manager. If you’re still dissatisfied contact the general manager in writing or in person. Your final line of defence is to register a complaint with head office before requesting the Independent Panel for Casino Arbitration intervene.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t know the rules of the game or etiquette, you can always watch and learn. If you still can’t get the hang of live dealer games, slots and video poker machines are great alternatives. You won’t lose your dignity even if you lose your money.

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