Make the Most of Online Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonus

When visiting an online casino in the United Kingdom, players stand to earn huge cash bonuses and other substantial benefits starting at right the first signup.

How does an online casino deposit bonus work? That largely depends on what kind of bonus you’re dealing with. Have a look at our guides to learn the ins and outs of bonuses, including specific bonus types, strategies, and wagering requirements. Learn how to claim and qualify for all the benefits you deserve. Bonuses help you get the most out of your online casino games in the UK, and we’re here to help you maximize the effect.

Online Casino Bonuses 101

In short, an online casino bonus is a sum of cash offered to players, under certain terms and conditions, as an incentive to sign up or stay loyal to an online gambling site.

Just like in any competitive marketplace, online casinos try to outshine the competition to attract and maintain as many players as possible. That’s why every casino worth its weight offers some kind of cash incentive. As UK casinos aim to outdo each other, you stand to profit. We’ll cover the different types of bonuses here in our online casino bonus guide.

Bonus Varieties You'll Discover

Your favourite real money casino likely offers a few different types of bonuses, which may be confusing to some players. Usually, most bonuses come as match bonuses, where the casino will match any cash a player deposits. The best part is that match bonuses often exceed 100%. Here, we’ll break down the most common bonus varieties.

No Deposit Bonus - These are convenient offers where the casino offers free cash to play online casino games without requiring you to make a deposit beforehand. Typically smaller in amount, no deposit bonuses are great for getting a feel for new games.

Free Spins/Bets - Free play options, including free slot machine spins or freeroll poker tournaments, give players a chance to earn real money prizes or test new games without the risk of making a large deposit. Not to be underestimated!

Welcome Bonus - The welcome or sign up bonus is essentially free money for signing up with a new online gambling site. Most commonly a match bonus, this cash might double what you initially deposit to a new casino. In a 100% match bonus, for example, your £150 becomes £300.

Bonuses and promotional offers aren’t just advertising stunts for gambling sites online. When used wisely, bonuses offer key support for real money gambling, buffering your bankroll and helping to level the playing field in various games. They also act as goals for seasoned players, with some sites offering high roller perks only available to those who’ve had a certain amount of success.

Is There a Catch?

Reputable casino sites are transparent and upfront about any requirements and restrictions on bonuses, but this means that all players should take the time to read through any terms and conditions. Many bonuses, including initial deposit bonuses, are time sensitive. That means you’ll need to make your deposit on a specified date or within a certain amount of time. Most also come with wagering requirements, which we’ll cover in the next section.

In general, most customer service staff are more than happy to walk you through any questions you might have. We’ve found that most issues with bonuses can be prevented by informing yourself beforehand.

Cashing Out Your Winnings

Casino Bonus

Bonuses offer countless perks for your wallet, such as keeping you in the game longer without reaching too deep into your own pockets. You can also essentially test out new games for free without the risk of losing when you’re still a beginner, whether with free spins or cash. But of course, online casino sites don’t offer hefty bonuses just so players can cash out and never visit the site again. That just wouldn’t make sense. Rather, bonuses should be seen as a springboard to your future winnings.

Each casino has a slightly different set of rules for withdrawing your bonus winnings, but, in general, they require you to bet a certain amount or play for a set amount of time before you can cash out your winnings. This amount is often termed the ‘wagering requirement’ of a casino.

For example, let’s say that the casino is offering a 100% matchup worth up to £100 and you decide to take advantage of the entire amount. You deposit £100 and get £100 in bonus money, bringing your account balance to £200. But how much of this cash belongs to your main cash balance, or winnings, depends on the wagering requirement.

If that the wagering requirement is 20 times your wager plus the bonus (£200 x 20 = £4,000). That means you will have to wager, not lose, £4,000 to meet the wagering requirements. If that seems tricky, here’s an easier way to think of it. If you bet £10 per spin on the slots, you would have to spin the reels 400 times to meet the requirements at online casinos.

Knowledge is Power

On our top-rated UK casino sites, bonuses and free spins and play are an amazing way to pad your bankroll, or to test the waters of new games before making the commitment of a larger deposit.

Of course, even with bonus cash or casino bonus codes, you should always gamble responsibly. This means reading up on the terms and conditions, including the wagering requirement, of each bonus offer, so you know exactly how and when you can cash out. When used wisely, bonuses buff up your playing time and effectively increase your chances for a big win or progressive jackpot. What are you waiting for? Redeem your online casino offer today!

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