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Red Dog

Philosophers, artists, and designers tell us that there's beauty in simplicity.  A lack of complications lets you concentrate on what's really important.  In the case of casino games, effortlessness is often the best path to fun.  Forget all those complex creations gambling sites keep dreaming up.  There's an old game in town that's making a comeback at casinos online.  Red dog is gaining traction. 

Red dog is a card game that has seen a rebirth in popularity with the rise of real money online gambling in the United Kingdom. Online casino red dog is a game of pure chance that's easy to learn and quick to play. Discover how simple it is to start enjoying casino online red dog in minutes. We've even found the best sites in the UK that offer online casino red dog with the greatest odds and the list starts with Betway Casino, which is definitely the ideal site for playing red dog and many other online casino games in 2016. Tilt the balances in your favour and claim a handsome red dog bonus.

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Favourable Odds

Red Dog

Unlike other online casino games in Britain, such as traditional Blackjack, the house edge for red dog actually decreases when more decks are used. One to eight decks can be used to play live or online casino red dog. This number will vary depending on where you choose to play. The house edge with one deck stands at 3.155%, but dramatically drops to 2.751% when all eight decks are used. When playing at casinos online, red dog players should be aware that games use random number generation to approximate dealing and shuffling real cards.  Even though there are no physical decks, the odds should be identical and verified at licenced sites in the UK.

A 2.751% house edge makes this game very desirable.

Online Casinos: Red Dog Primer

If you've ever played blackjack or any other standard table game in the UK then you know all about card rankings.  When you play online casino red dog, the scoring of cards is similar to that of poker, with aces being high. Suits don't matter and are treated equally.

There are only three cards played in live or casino online Red Dog. That means every round is quick and potentially lucrative in the United Kingdom and abroad. Each hand can be faster than a simple slot machine spin but without the mindless repetitiveness.

Playing To Win

At online casinos, red dog games begin with a round of real money betting prior to cards being dealt. Once you have selected to play, two cards will be dealt. If the cards are consecutive in number, the hand is automatically a push, and you can choose to play another round or walk away.  Either way you've lost nothing but a couple of seconds. If the cards are of equal value, then the third card is played automatically without a second betting round; a third identical card will result in a payout of 11:1, while any other card value will instigate a push.  At online casinos, red dog pushes help you tread water.

When playing casino online red dog, the most likely possible outcome is both cards will be neither consecutive nor of equal value.  Imagine that the two cards are a 4 and Jack.  Remember that suits don't matter. In this case, you will have the option to make another wager, which will double your initial bet.  The alternative is to simply call. Because there are six cards between a 4 and a Jack, the hand is called a 6-card spread.  The size of the spread is important not only because your odds of winning increase with the spread, but the size of the payouts decrease as the spread increases.

Blacklisted UK Casinos - What You Should be Avoiding

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Casino Online: Red Dog Payouts

We've already mentioned that your real money payouts increase as the spread decreases.  The table below shows you what to expect and is the industry standard at both live and online casinos.  Red dog players will see this pay schedule posted right on the table.

Payouts for particular spreads are as follows:

  • 1-card spread - 5 to 1
  • 2-card spread - 4 to 1
  • 3-card spread - 2 to 1
  • 4 to 11-card spread - 1 to 1

Online Casinos: Red Dog Strategy

As a game of chance, casino online red dog playing strategies don't formally exist.

Even with the lowest possible house edge, in-game strategy in Red Dog is practically non-existent. You really are bound by the luck of the draw, as the saying goes. It does pay to play either live in the United Kingdom or on the internet at a table that uses as many decks as possible. However, the odds for particular card spreads make it clear just how favourable certain hands are.

Naturally, you can improve your performance using any number of betting strategies.  Consider raising solely when the spread is to your advantage.  A spread of 7 cards or more only pays even money, yet the likelihood of winning is better than 50% in this casino online red dog scenario.  When visiting casinos online, red dog players can obviously use any of the common betting techniques such as progressive wagering systems.  Keep in mind these systems won't give you a statistical edge, but the discipline can be advantageous.

Playing At Casinos Online: Red Dog's Best Bets

Online casino red dog is a great departure from traditional blackjack and other common table games, even if you've never played it before.  It's easy to understand, simple to master, and always fast to play. Just try a few hands and you'll be begging for more.  Of course your cries can be answered instantly since you can play around the clock from anywhere in the United Kingdom.  Browse our expert reviews or check out our top red dog picks in the UK.  Don't forget to claim your lucrative sign up bonus to get ahead of the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Red Dog blackjack work?

Red Dog Blackjack is actually considered to be a variation of poker, not blackjack. To play the game a player guesses on the value of a third card based on the first upward facing cards dealt out in the beginning. If the third card value falls between the first two cards the player is rewarded, if the value is outside that range the player loses.

Where can I find the best Red Dog blackjack games?

Red Dog blackjack is not available anywhere, but Red Dog poker can be found at leading UK casinos that are known for having a good range of poker options.

How is it different to regular blackjack?

This poker variation is very different from blackjack of any sort because you aren’t trying to get a specific card value at all. Instead you’re trying to stay between two different card values with your third card, giving you a very definite goal, but a goal that changes with every single round that you play.

Is it popular in the UK?

Generally the game isn’t popular in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t experience it and make real cash bets anyway. Most players don’t care for the game because it relies on rules vastly different from standard Poker. The player is guessing on a range of cards, something that commonly isn’t done in poker.

Are online Red Dog blackjack games fair?

This poker game is completely fair because the player knows the rules before getting started and all the cards dealt out are handed out randomly, creating a completely unpredictable pattern that doesn’t favour either the player or the dealer. That is what keeps this game fair to play for everyone.

How many decks are used in Red Dog online blackjack?

A range of between one and eight decks is used to play the game, but the more decks that are used, the better your odds are of winning the game that you play, so look for casinos with eight deck setups whenever possible.

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