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Perfect Pairs

Despite being enjoyed for centuries, blackjack continues to evolve.  While traditional forms of the game are available at every casino in the UK, you'll often find a dozen different ways to enjoy blackjack. It's never been easier to cure monotony without straying too far from the game you love. Whether you play in person or at a casino online, perfect pairs adds a potentially lucrative twist to an old standby.  Why settle for familiar 2:1 and 3:2 odds when there's a side bet that pays 30:1?  Discover how easy it is to play perfect pairs blackjack for real money in the United Kingdom.  You already know most of the rules but we'll fill in the gaps.  Read on to get up to speed and find the top perfect pairs blackjack tables in the UK.

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Casino Online Perfect Pairs Primer

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is a new version of European Blackjack that offers players a new take on the standard game, as well as a bonus side bet that offers great payouts.

When playing for real cash in the United Kingdom or at online casinos, perfect pairs side bets aren't the only distinct rule change from European Blackjack. Players may also double on any initial hand, regardless of how many points it is worth. Depending on the casino you play at, they may use either European rules or Vegas strip rules.  At most online casinos, perfect pairs blackjack players can access a summary of the house rules by clicking on the help section.

Win extra with J pairs in this blackjack variant.

Getting A Handle On Betting

A game of live or online casino perfect pairs blackjack begins with a round of real money betting. Some United Kingdom online casinos only offer players a single-hand each round, however the more popular sites allow multi-hand play, often up to five hands at a time. Multi-hand blackjack allows for a much more open game, as well as the chance to win up to five times as much per round in comparison to single-hand play.  No matter how many hands you play at once, the rules are the same.

Players win on the bonus bet if the initial two cards are a pair.

Betting is usually the same across all online casinos, perfect pairs blackjack tables feature a minimum at $2 and a maximum of $200 per hand. Players may find variations of this depending on where they choose to play. After an initial bet has been made on all active hands, players are offered the chance to wager on a bonus side-bet. This side-bet is the perfect pairs bonus and has a minimum of $2 and maximum of $50 per hand, although you might find some variations at some online casinos. Perfect pair players win on the bonus bet if the initial two cards are a pair; if they are not then the wager is lost.

Understanding Perfect Pairs Payouts

When playing at casinos online, perfect pairs blackjack players can still win a side even when a hand isn't ideal.  Other pairs do qualify for a reduced bonus.  Check with your United Kingdom casino for exact rates and qualifying hands, although the side-bet pay table below is most common:

  • Mixed pair - 5 to 1
  • Coloured pair - 10 to 1
  • Perfect pair - 30 to 1

Blacklisted UK Casinos - What You Should be Avoiding

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Casino Online Perfect Pairs Gameplay

Whether you play in the UK or at a casino online, perfect pairs should seem familiar. The dealer receives two cards, with only one of the dealer's cards facing up. If that card is an ace, the player will be offered insurance in case of dealer blackjack. However, if the card is a face card then insurance will not be offered and the dealer will immediately peek for Blackjack. Insurance costs half of the original wager and pays 2 to 1 on dealer blackjack.

Players may hit as many times as they please until they either stand or bust. Once all hands have been played out it will be the dealer's turn. In accordance with European rules at online casinos, perfect pairs dealers must stand on all hands totalling 17 or more, and hit on 16 or less.

The Showdown

Once the dealer has played out his or her hand, the winning hands will be decided. If Multi-hand is being played it is often quite common that the dealer will beat some of the player's hands, while it will lose to others. Winning hands pay 1 to 1, blackjack 3 to 2, and on hands that are tied the original stake is pushed.

The Perils Of Online Casino Perfect Pairs

Despite its obvious allure at casinos online, perfect pairs blackjack isn't the most lucrative form of twenty-one.  There's no doubt that a 30 to 1 payout is enticing but you'll see a different picture if you crunch the numbers.  The house advantage on the side bet alone is 6%.  That's as bad as many slot machines, which tend to offer the most inferior odds at an online casino. Perfect pair players need to look at it another way.  The chance of landing any pair is just 8%. The odds get infinitely worse when your pair needs to be face cards with the same colour and suit.

If you've read any gambling guides or tutorials at a casino online, perfect pairs might seem too good to be true.  You might just be right.  Savvy casino players in the United Kingdom consider side bets to be for suckers.  Blackjack ordinarily offers at least some elements of skill, which is to your advantage if you know how to play properly.  At casinos online, perfect pair blackjack does require same blackjack skill but not when it comes to the side bets. Unfortunately, those casino online perfect pair side bets are pure luck. There's more to gambling than defying distant odds. 

Best Casinos Online: Perfect Pairs Blackjack Tables

Perfect Pairs offers a new spin on the popular casino card game, with the added incentive of a lucrative real money side bet. Players in the United Kingdom can enjoy the familiarity of European Blackjack as well as the excitement of a possible 30 to 1 payout on a Perfect Pair. When visiting online casinos, perfect pairs can be fun but it's important to know your odds.  Given that the game is similar to traditional twenty-one aside from the side bet, you are mathematically better off playing the original.  Still, it's hard to discount the fun of landing that elusive hand.

Whether you choose to play traditional 21 or online casino perfect pairs, we've found the best sites for players in the United Kingdom.  Browse our top rated reviews and claim a massive bonus.  It's like landing a perfect pair before you even play your first hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Perfect Pairs blackjack work?

Perfect Pairs blackjack works just like a standard game of 21. You play to try and get closer to 21 with your cards than the dealer does, and you have to avoid going over that amount. The only difference is that you can make a Perfect Pairs bet on the side. It must be for the same amount or higher than your main bet, but it offers you another way to win some serious cash while playing.

Where can I find the best Perfect Pairs blackjack games?

To find the very best online game of Perfect Pairs you need to find a high quality casino that offers several different variations of blackjack. When you find the right online casino it will have good reviews and plenty of games to try out, including Perfect Pairs.

How is it different to regular blackjack?

The only real difference between regular blackjack and the Perfect Pairs variation is that you can place a side bet on whether or not you’ll get a pair of jacks. This doesn’t cancel out your main bet, and it can’t go in place of it either, so you still get the traditional blackjack experience, just an additional betting option as well.

Is it popular in the UK?

Though many players in the UK enjoy the Perfect Pairs wager, it isn’t the most popular game out there and most players stick to a more traditional variation of blackjack. If you like having additional betting options, this could be a good option for you to try out.

Are online Perfect Pairs blackjack games fair?

When you play Perfect Pairs blackjack the game is completely fair, but you have less of a chance of winning money than the casino does, even more so than traditional blackjack. Though the bet might be fun to place, the casino has a 6% edge on each Perfect Pairs bet that you place. Though the rules are fair and the outcome of each game is random, most players lose more than they win while playing this variation of blackjack.

How many decks are used in Perfect Pairs online blackjack?

Traditionally six decks of cards are used for Perfect Pairs blackjack, though some casinos will use eight decks of cards instead.

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