NCAA Betting

NCAA Betting

NCAA football, or college football, is probably the form of American football that is closest to people's hearts. While you might not think that would make a difference to the betting, it can actually lead to some unique betting opportunities. Unlike the NFL, many college football fans only choose to follow a team based on the college they attended or their hometown. NCAA football punters from overseas can thus have an advantage in their neutrality towards the dozens of college teams, as they have no home team loyalty to cloud their judgment.

NCAA Football Line Bets

The line (AKA the spread or point spread) is probably more popular to bet on in college football than it is with the NFL. This is because NCAA football line bets are much harder to predict than the overall outcome of the average game. Let's face it - college football teams vary far more in talent than NFL teams. This leads to plenty of stomp matches that would make for poor betting if it wasn't for the spread bets.

For those who are unfamiliar with spread bets, the following is an example of odds you might find at an online bookie for college football line bets:

Team A -3.5 -110
Team B +3.5 -110

The first number is the spread. The favorite has the minus sign, and the underdog has the plus sign. The idea is that you can add or subtract the spread as a handicap to the final score to work out if you have won. For instance, if the final scores are Team A - 20 to Team B - 17, you subtract 3.5 from 20 to get 16.5, which would give Team B the victory, and so a bet on Team B to beat the spread would win.

The second number in the NCAA football spread odds example is the actual odds on the outcome, in American format. -110 odds are generally the standard for each side of a spread bet, though this can vary slightly in special circumstances.

Thanks to the more than 30 college football bowl games, there are plenty of opportunities for sportsbooks to offer NCAA Football futures bets, which are popular as these high profile games are where emotions run highest.

NCAA Football Totals Bets

Totals bets involve betting on whether the game will produce a number of points over or under a given value. The value can be the total combined points for the game, or just the total points for one of the teams. You can choose to back over the given value or under it, with the odds usually set at around -110.

Totals bets are not the kind of easy money in college football betting as they are in NFL betting. College teams just aren't as consistent as NFL teams, and with good cause - there are may more college teams and they are using players with more concerns than just football. This lack of consistency can make it harder to work out whether the value given for a totals bet is worth risking the money.

NCAA Football Futures Bets

NCAA Betting

Thanks to the many Bowl events in college football, there are plenty of opportunities for sportsbooks to offer NCAA football futures bets. These games are often where emotions run highest, as they frequently see long standing rivalries come into play.

Of course, emotional betting from the crowd usually leaves opportunities to take advantage of skewed odds. This will usually be most evident as the event gets closer, but that is also when the odds start to get shorter in general. We recommend watching the NCAA football betting futures at your chosen sportsbook so that you can act on the odds whenever it looks like an event has been skewed by an influx of fans from one side.

If you want to bet on college football, we recommend signing up with one of the sites in our sportsbooks reviews. These are all trustworthy online bookmakers and many of them start offering college football odds long before the season has begun!

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