UK Gambling Commission Slaps YouTubers with £255,000 Betting Fines

Two British video gamers have been prosecuted by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) after an investigation showed they accepted illegal payments through the popular game FIFA 17.

Craig Douglas and Dylan Rigby are two of the UK’s most popular gamers with more than 1.3 million YouTube subscribers tuning in to watch their videos.

However, as well as being professional gamers, the pair also ran a site called FUT Galaxy, which allowed FIFA players to use in-game credits to bet on sport.

According to a Bloomberg report in 2016, black-market gambling in the video gaming world is now a billion dollar … Read more

British Bookmakers Furious Over Government’s FOBT Report

British bookmakers have hit out at a government report that aims to determine the true impact of fixed-odd betting terminals (FOBTs) in the UK.

With pressure from anti-gambling lobbyists mounting, a cross-party parliamentary group was ordered to review the industry and produce a report.

The initial findings of the report were published in December, 2016, but recent comments by the group have prompted a stern response from the chief executive of the Association of British Bookmakers, Malcolm George.

MPs Want to Crackdown on FOBTs

With the report suggesting a maximum stake of £2 and a lack of cooperation from … Read more

UK Gambling Commission to Make Gambling Safer in Scotland

The UK Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) mission to increase the safety and quality of the industry moved another step forward recently thanks to a join initiative with Police Scotland.

As part of its ongoing commitment to improving awareness of gambling issues between betting shops and local police forces, the UKGC recently set-up a project that will see Police Scotland educate officers across the country.

At the heart of the operation is a two step process that will not only help betting shop staff to better identify common crimes, but train officers to carry out inspections on licensed premises.

An Ongoing Commitment

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New UK Horse Racing Levy Could Prompt Legal Challenge from British Bookies

The UK horse racing industry looks set to change the amount operators have to pay on their profits if new proposals pass the European Union’s state aid rules.

Under the new proposals, UK and offshore betting operators will have to pay a 10 percent levy on their gross profits above £500,000 from April 1 to support the racing industry.

Despite operators sponsoring racing events across the UK and Ireland, the new rules would mean they’ll have to contribute more to the pot.

As it stands, only UK-based operators have been required to contribute to the racing industry. However, following a … Read more

UK Gambling Commission Hits Operators with Fee Increase

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is ringing in 2017 with some changes, but not all the updates will please members of the betting industry.

Following a consultation between the UKGC and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the regulatory body has announced a change to its fee structure for operators.

In addition to consulting with the government on the proposed changes, licence holders were also given the option to comment on the proposals.

With all the responses in and the consultation complete, the UKGC recently announced that from April 2017, fees across the board will change. According to … Read more

UK Gambling Operators Go On Political Charm Offensive in 2016

UK gambling operators did their best to charm influential MPs amid a review of the betting industry according to recent reports.

Looking back on a year when the government paid closer attention to the betting industry, the expense sheets of certain politicians showed that there may have been a charm offensive in place.

With everything from gambling tax to Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) under scrutiny, operators offered up £20,000 of hospitality to various MPs.

Taking the form of everything from tickets to major horse racing events, including the Grand National, to VIP treatment at sports stadiums, this hospitality was … Read more

2016 UK Gambling Industry Wrap Up: Big Winners, Mass Mergers, and More

It’s been another year of fun and frolics in the United Kingdom’s gambling industry filled with excitement and controversy.

From Brexit fears and continued homogenisation of the market to big money winners on long shot betting prospects, British bettors had a lot to keep them occupied over the last 12 months.

Mergers and Movers

2016 didn’t see as many mergers as 2015, but the market did continue to consolidate. In February, we saw Paddy Power Betfair become an official entity with a formal listing on the stock market.

In the hours leading up to the new company’s listing on the … Read more

Free Bet Tax Reprieve for UK Online Gambling Operators

UK online gambling operators received a slight reprieve recently after HMRC decided to revise its stance on free bets.

Back in March, online operators were given a fright after Chancellor George Osborne announced that he would be seeking to apply the 15 percent general betting duty on free bets.

Until now, things such as welcome bonuses and free wagers haven’t been included in the levy operators have to pay on player bets.

A Tax Too Far for Operators

However, with reform on the horizon, Osborne, in conjunction with HMRC, announced that these bets would now be considered in the same … Read more

Yahoo Becomes the Latest Player in the UK DFS Market

Yahoo can now offer daily fantasy sports (DFS) betting in the UK after it was granted a licence by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

The company behind the famous search engine is no stranger to the DFS industry with fully operational sites in the US and Canada currently competing with the likes of DraftKings.

However, thanks to the UK’s laws regarding online gambling, it hasn’t been able to offer its services in the country until now.

After reviewing Yahoo’s application, the UKGC granted permission for a licence, which means players can now wager money on a variety of sports, … Read more

Gambling Round-Up: UK Online Betting Leading the Way with £4.5 Billion Haul

The UK’s online betting industry is now a bigger cash cow than the National Lottery and high street betting shops.

According to a recent report by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), online betting revenue now accounts for 33 percent of all gambling in the UK.

Reviewing the period between April 2015 and March 2016, the industry’s Gross Gambling Yield (GGY) hit an impressive £4.5 billion.

The Biggest Player in Town

On top of making online betting the most lucrative sector in the industry, £4.5 billion is more than £1 billion more than the National Lottery (£3.4 billion) and high street … Read more