Bgo Removes Bonus Restrictions with New Reward System

Bgo is bucking the online casino bonus trend by scrapping wagering requirements in favour of a new, fairer, system of rewards.

Launched on October 16, the “fair play” scheme has removed wagering requirements, max bets and max wins linked to every bonus and reward. Under the old system, players were given a particular bonus, but then had to complete certain steps in order to unlock its full value.

Despite being standard across the industry, these restrictions are often unknown or misunderstood by new players. This lack of awareness and clarity landed bgo in hot water with the UK Gambling Commission Read more

UK Gambling and Loot Box Issue Receives Government Response  

UK gambling laws and the computer games industry could be set for a collision course after their interaction became the source of a debate amount Members of Parliament (MPs).

At the start of October, a petition calling for the regulation of gambling features in video games was posted online and has since gone on to receive more than 11,000 signatures.

Although Conor Rhys Deeley’s petition will remain open until April 4, 2018, one MP has already pushed the government for a response.

The Debate is Already Underway

According to UK law, petitions with 100,000+ signatures can be discussed in Parliament. … Read more

Gambling in Video Games May Be Debated in Parliament

Gambling in video games may soon become a matter for Parliamentary review after an official petition was submitted to the UK government’s website.

Started by Connor Rhys Deeley, the petition notes the recent trend among video game companies that gives players that chance to purchase add-ons.

However, instead of trading cash for a known item with a comparative in-game value, developers are using a mechanism known as loot boxes.

Set Fees but Mystery Wins

Much like a mystery box game, players buy the loot box with virtual credits (acquired by spending real cash) and receive a feature that will help … Read more

Scottish Entrepreneur’s House Lottery to Raise £1 Million for Charity

Another million-pound house lottery is underway, but the owner has come up with a novel way to find a winner in order to avoid the wrath of the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Donna Pirie, a former gift business owner, is given punters a chance to win her six-bedroom Georgian house worth £1.7 million by entering a £25 crossword competition.

After reading the story of Dunstan Low and his wife Natasha Doboz who raffled off their £845,000 mansion back in August 2017, Pirie decided to try something similar with her property.

You Need More than Luck to Win

However, unlike previous … Read more

Payment Processor Sends £766,000 to Shop Owner Instead of UK Casino

A mix-up between a payment processor, a UK casino and a shop owner has landed one man in prison and more than £700,000 sitting in the wrong account.

According to a recent report by the Leicester Mercury, Sandeep Singh received £766,098 in mistaken payments between October 2014 and 2016. Sentenced to 12 months in jail on October 9, Singh was charged with stealing money and using a “not insignificant” amount to buy a house.

Singh Hits the Jackpot

When Singh installed an ATM in his shop back in 2014, he agreed to stock it with his own cash and wait … Read more

888 Holdings Founder’s Heirs Cash Out Shares, Spooking Investors

888 Holdings took a hit on the London Stock Exchange on Wednesday after the heirs of one of its founders sold the entirety of their shares in the company.

The O Shaked Shares Trust, which holds the shares of deceased founder Aharon Shaked on behalf of his family, sold 46.3 million shares in the company, or around 12.9 percent of the company’s total share capital, for around $112 million. The trust offered no reason for the sale.

It had, however, previously sold 40 million shares, back in June, for around £108 million, at a time when the share prices were … Read more

Staff in bookmakers’ shops are woefully ill-equipped to spot problem gamblers and are more likely to offer them shoddy strategy advice than due concern, according to a new report commissioned by the gambling industry itself.

The study, conducted by research group Revealing Reality and published by the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling, found that staff were poorly trained and would encourage customers to chase losses or would reinforce “false beliefs” about lucky numbers or other useless “tactics” involved in playing fixed-odds betting terminals.

According to the report, one customer was told: “You always win when you sit at this table, … Read more

DDoS Attack Knocks Out National Lottery Website   

Thousands of National Lottery players failed to get their tickets for the big draw on Saturday night, although we might point out that this only made them marginally less likely to win.

The reason? The entire lottery website was hit by a DDoS attack. Lottery operator Camelot apologized for the situation on Saturday, but only admitted the following day that cyber criminals had taken the site down.

DDoS (or distributed denial of service) attacks use thousands, or even millions, of surreptitiously compromised IP addresses, which together create a “botnet” than is then concentrated on a website, overwhelming its bandwidth … Read more

Paddy Power Betfair Slammed Over ‘Self-Serving’ FOBT U-turn

PaddyPower Betfair CEO Breon Corcoran has been accused of stabbing the betting industry in the back over his sudden dramatic call for tighter regulations on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs).

Corcoran, who has announced that he will shortly step down from his role as head of the company, told the UK government this week that it should slash the maximum stakes on the machines from $100 per spin to “£10 or lower,” thus breaking ranks with the betting industry.

The Association of British Bookmakers (ABB), of which Paddy Power Betfair is a paid-up member, has warned that a significant reduction in … Read more

Labour Wants Problem Gambling Treatment on NHS With Betting Companies Footing the Bill

Deputy opposition leader Tom Watson told the Labour Party Conference in Brighton this week that a Labour government would introduce a special levy on betting companies to fund NHS treatment for problem gamblers.

Labour will initiate a review of gambling addiction in the UK, and of the current provision for treatment on the NHS, while assessing “the feasibility of making the gambling industry pay a compulsory levy to fund NHS treatment and help lift problem gamblers out of the destructive cycle of addiction,” said Watson.

It’s time to “finally confront problem gambling,” he added.

ABB Would Not Oppose Levy

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