British Poker Open Caps Off Another Sizzling Summer in London

The summer might be drawing to a close but London’s poker scene is still burning hot thanks to the inaugural British Poker Open.

Lucas Greenwood

Lucas Greenwood has won the first event at the inaugural British Poker Open in London. (Image: World Poker Tour)

Just weeks after Triton London set records, Poker Central’s new event got underway on September 2.

Taking place inside Aspers Casino Stratford, the 14-day festival will see some of the world’s best descend on the UK’s capital.

British Poker Open to Attract International Field

The star of the show will be the Super High Roller Bowl London on September 13. However, before the £250,000 showdown starts, the British Poker Open kicked off with a £10,000 opener.

Although it was a far cry from the numbers achieved by Grosvenor’s Goliath, the 26-player field was packed with talent. Leading the way after Day 1 was Canada’s Lucas Greenwood.

Bagging 746,000 chips to end the session just ahead of hometown hero Sam Grafton, Greenwood held onto the lead as the cards flew on Day 2. However, as the first break came and went on September 3, Sweden’s Robert Flink took control.

Taking chips from Steve O’Dwyer before calling a bluff from Mike Watson, the Swede looked to be the man to beat. Indeed, as Watson bubbled in fifth, Flink’s lead grew.

His luck appeared to hold, even as O’Dwyer edged into a slight lead. Eventually, however, an unexpected comeback from Greenwood turned the British Poker Open event on its head.

Greenwood Makes Impressive Comeback

Moving all-in with A♥K♦ and finding a call from O’Dwyer with pocket sevens, it was off to the races. When the cards had been dealt, an ace on the flop was enough to give Greenwood the pot and decimate O’Dwyer’s stack.

While that hand might have looked like the end for O’Dwyer, it was Flink who made a dramatic exit just a few hands later. After doubling up the short stack, the Swedish pro took a stand with pocket deuces.

Again, it was Greenwood who was willing to race with K♦Q♠. This time, he had to wait until the river to make a flush and send Flink packing.

With momentum on his side and O’Dwyer low on chips, the win was almost inevitable. In the end, a third and final race earned Greenwood the first British Poker Open title of 2019.

Calling his opponent’s all-in and showing K♣T♦, Green caught a king on the turn to negate O’Dwyer’s pocket tens. A blank river brought the tournament to an end and secured Greenwood another international victory.

British Poker Open Result

1 – Lucas Greenwood – £119,600

2 – Steve O’Dwyer – £72,800

3- Robert Flink – £41,600

4 – Sam Graton – £26,600

With the £10,000 opening event over, the British Poker Open will welcome more pros over the coming days as the festival builds towards the Super High Roller London finale.

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