Sunday Times Exposé Questions Football Club Ties with Controversial 1XBet

1XBet has dragged three English Premier League clubs into the mire following allegations of promoting underage gambling and pornography.

Liverpool FC 1xBet

Liverpool FC is one of three football teams under fire following a damming report into 1XBet. (Image: Liverpool FC)

An investigation by the Sunday Times has forced the Russian gaming operator to shutter its UK betting site. However, the exposé has also called into question the actions of Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur.

Multiple Infractions Lead to Multiple Investigations

Although it doesn’t suggest the football clubs have engaged in any illegal activities, the report does accuse them of “whitewashing” 1XBet’s questionable reputation.

At the heart of the controversy are allegations of improper conduct. As per the August 11 article, 1XBet has been actively promoting its services on websites aimed at children.

Given the UK Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) ongoing efforts to tackle underage gambling, this accusation is being taken very seriously.

Alongside irresponsible advertising, the Sunday Times found evidence of 1XBet providing links to an online casino sponsored by Pornhub.

While a site fronted by an adult entertainment provider isn’t illegal, the topless dealers have been described as indecent. To make matters worse, the betting site has also been accused of streaming cock fights.

In light of the investigation, the UKGC has launched its own review of 1XBet. For its part, the operator isn’t active in the UK but it’s business as usual elsewhere according to social media.

Addressing the report, the company blamed overseas marketing agencies for the advertising infractions. It has also pledged to investigate the alleged failings.

1XBet Reignites Football and Betting Controversy

For the UK gambling industry, the incident will reignite the betting in football debate. MPs such as Labour’s Tom Watson have long called for an end to the partnerships between betting operators and football teams.

In fact, only last week a promotional link-up between Wayne Rooney and 32Red caused a stir. This week, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham are in the firing line.

As well as calling 1XBet an official betting partner, the three clubs have allowed their players to participate in advertising campaigns for the company.

While the trio’s actions haven’t broken any laws, they’re now in sticky position ethically.

For now, 1XBet’s UK gaming licence will stay marked as “inactive” by the UKGC. However, if further investigations support the Sunday Times report, it could deal another blow to 1XBet and UK gaming as a whole.

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