Grosvenor Casinos Makes Move to Keep Goliath Inside Ricoh Arena

Grosvenor Casinos will continue its relationship with Coventry’s Ricoh Arena meaning its successful Goliath should remain in place for the next decade.

Grosvenor Casinos Ricoh Arena

Grosvenor Casinos and the Ricoh Arena in Coventry have extended their partnership for another ten years. (Image: Venue Scanner)

Announced on August 21, the new deal will extend Grosvenor’s lease for another ten years. In renewing the partnership, Ricoh Arena expects the relationship to be mutually beneficial for all parties.

Everyone Wins with Ricoh Arena Deal

Since striking up a partnership in 2009, Grosvenor Casino and the entertainment complex have hosted thousands of customers. Indeed, thanks to investments totalling £1.6 million, the casino now attracts 250,000 visitors every year.

For the owners of Ricoh Arena, the Wasps Group, having a premium casino brand on site is a unique selling point. As well as making it a destination for gamers, Grosvenor’s casino has become popular with casual punters.

Whilst it attracts a loyal audience due to the strength of the Grosvenor name, it also allows us to offer something different to people attending sports fixtures, concert-goers and conference and exhibition delegates,” said Stuart Cain, chief executive of the Wasps Group.

For Grosvenor Casinos, the venue is integral to the success of its annual poker event, the Goliath. With enough space to accommodate more than 700 players in a single setting, Ricoh Arena has enabled record fields to take part in the tournament.

Beyond that, the casino’s central location means its easily accessible for poker players across the UK.

While London would be the obvious choice for most UK gaming companies looking to stage a major event, Coventry makes more sense.

With transport issues and the cost of accommodation higher in London, hosting the Goliath there would alienate a lot of players, especially those from the North.

Grosvenor Casinos Keeping Goliath Accessible

Given that the Goliath is all about low stakes, high value and fields topping 9,000 players, accessibility is crucial.

Therefore, in the spirit of creating an event that’s attractive and accessible for amateurs and pros, a multipurpose venue such as Ricoh Arena is ideal.

Grosvenor Casino Coventry is a unique venue right in the heart of the country offering gaming, sports, live events and an excellent food and drink experience,” Paul Davies, general manager of Grosvenor Casino Coventry, added.

In essence, by renewing its partnership with Ricoh Arena for another ten years, Grosvenor Casinos is ensuring its flagship event remains a popular fixture on the Europe poker calendar. For the organisers, players and David Haye who found a love for the game this year thanks to the Goliath, it’s good news all round.

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