Football and Betting Clash Again After Yerry Mina Gambles on Betjuego Ad

Football and betting have collided once again, this time thanks to Everton’s £27.5 million defender Yerry Mina.

Mina football and betting incident

Everton FC defender Yerry Mina is at the centre of another football and betting scandal. (Image: Getty Images/Eurosport)

Although he’s only been subject to Football Association (FA) rules since he joined the club in August 2018, Mina has already broken an important one.

After spotting a viral video of the Colombian circulating on the internet, the FA has launched an investigation. At the centre of the issue is Mina’s appearance in an advert for betting brand Betjuego.

English Football and Betting Don’t Mix

Despite being a Colombian company, FA rules state that players are banned from working directly with betting operators.

In Mina’s defence, football and betting aren’t opposing forces on the continent. During his time at Barcelona FC, he would have seen Neymar Jr and Cristiano Ronaldo partner with PokerStars.

However, in the UK, football and betting are kept separate when it comes to personal sponsorship deals.

An individual participant, when acting in a personal capacity, shall not be permitted to advertise or promote any betting activity that the participant is prohibited from engaging in by Rule E8(1),” reads the FA handbook.

As well as banning promotional activity, FA rules prohibit players from betting on football. Whether he realised this or not, Mina has unwittingly stumbled into a minefield.

Issues Need to be Tackled

Over the last five years, football and betting have collided in a number of ways. In addition to players such as Paul Scholes falling foul of the rules, clubs have been criticised for their reliance on betting sponsorship.

To prevent any further backlash, the FA has taken a tough stance against rule infractions. In tandem with these efforts, operators are helping address the issue of problem gambling in football.

In May 2018, Sky bet launched a £1 million scheme to educate players and backroom staff. Run in unison with the Football League, the program provided information on football and betting to 72 English clubs.

With the Premier League operating as a separate entity to the Football League, Everton’s Mina wouldn’t have experienced Sky Bet’s program. However, he’ll now have to explain how he came to appear in a Betjuego advert.

For its part, the Colombian betting company has removed the advert. The FA will now decide what action, if any, is necessary.

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