PokerStars Casino Capitalises on FOBT Turmoil with Innovative Slot Game

PokerStars Casino is bidding to revolutionise the way we play online slots and capitalise on changes to UK gaming rules with a new community-based innovation known as Victory Tribes.

PokerStars Casino Victory Tribes

PokerStars Casino has just launched a community-based slot game called Victory Tribes. (Image: PokerStars)

Announced on February 12, the slot game was developed in-house and will introduce a selection of unique features. As per the press release, Victory Tribes will offer the usual mix of wilds, free spins and fixed payouts.

However, as part of its mission to embrace the social gaming revolution, PokerStars Casino has added a cooperative element to the game.

PokerStars Casino Takes Social Gaming to New Levels

At the start of each session, players are required to join one of four tribe: Kermora The Druid, Bjorg The Viking, Craig The Highlander and Toghon The Mongolian.

Once part of a tribe, players have the chance to take part in battles (see video below). Five times each hour, a battle will start and 50 players will be chosen at random.

Those that qualify will go on to play for one of three progressive jackpots worth up to $60,000/£46,500.

For casino regulars, the battles are similar to traditional slots tournaments, during which players earn points based on the wins they roll in. The more points you earn, the higher you’ll finish on the leaderboard and the bigger your payouts will be.

As well as group battles, Victory Tribes will feature head-to-head showdowns for additional bonuses.

Cashing in on FOBT Unrest

The new slot is one of the first major innovations since Sky Bet became a sister site of PokerStars Casino. The £3.4 billion takeover of Sky Betting & Gaming was a push by the Stars Group to enhance its casino offering.

With that deal finalised in July, the operator is now looking to redefine the way we player online slots and bolster its casino product.

In addition to offering a new take on a classic dynamic, the launch of Victory Tribes in the UK could give PokerStars Casino the edge over its land-based rivals.

Without an offline presence in the UK, PokerStars won’t be affected by the impending changes to fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs).

In contrast, William Hill and Ladbrokes Coral have already started to feel the effects of betting limits being reduced from £100 to £2. As these companies look to bolster their online products in order to offset any high street losses, it will be business as usual for PokerStars Casino.

Buoyed by this, it will be hoping the new online slot game can help improve its market share as other operators go through a transitionary period.

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