Imitation Not a Form of Flattery as Bet365 Sues Betio for Identity Theft

Bet365 is suing Bulgarian online gaming brand Betio for intellectual property theft after noticing striking resemblances to its own branding at ICE London.

Bet365 vs. Betio.

Bet365 has filed a lawsuit against Betio after spotting potential similarities to its own branding. (Image: ICE London)

First reported by eGaming Review, the lawsuit mainly pertains to Betio’s logo but also certain products on display at the ICE gaming convention. According to the lawsuit, a “number of attendees” at the event noted the look of Betio’s logo was almost identical to Bet365’s.

Commenting on the case, a spokesperson for the British operator said that it was taking the “appropriate legal action” to protect its “intellectual property rights.”

Brands to Battle Over Logo

Reviewing the evidence, the logo above appears to have been influenced by Bet365’s design (see image below).

bet365 logo

What’s more, the homepage of a white label site linked to Betio also shows some potential similarities to Bet365.

Finixbet homepage

Although red has replaced green, the layout, images and logo, Finixbet’s design (see image above) could be said to have taken inspiration from its British counterpart (see image below below).

bet365 homepage

At this stage, Betio hasn’t publicly reacted to the lawsuit. However, it would be hard to argue that it wasn’t aware of Bet365 or its branding.

As well as being home to one of the top paid gaming CEOs in Europe, the Stoke-based business has previously won a high-profile trademark case.

Fighting to protect its brand name in Europe for ten years, Bet365 finally received a favourable ruling in 2017. Arguing that it had built up enough of a reputation to warrant a trademark on its name, the company filed to protect “BET 365” in seven classes.

Bet365 An Unmistakable Name in Gaming

Reviewing the case, the EU General Court ruled that it was justified in trademarking products related to online gaming and betting service. However, the judge dismissed its attempts to trademark other classes, including computer software and gaming apparatus.

With certain protections in place, Bet365 has since expanded its presence in Europe, including Bulgaria where it’s been active since 2016. Based on these factors, Bet365 should have a strong case if the issue finds its way to court.

Regardless of the outcome, Betio’s actions are a testament to the strength of Bet365. Arguably one of the leading gaming brands in the world, this type of imitation demonstrates how significant its rise to prominence has been over the last 19 years.

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