SafeCharge to Conquer US Gaming Market with UK Payment Tech

Payment firm SafeCharge is aiming to use its experience working with UK betting firms Ladbrokes and Rank to conquer the US market.

SafeCharge has partnered with Mazooma to bring UK-level payment checks to the US market. (Image: IMRG)

Unveiling a new partnership with Mazooma on January 29, SafeCharge is now in a position to tap into the emerging US sports betting scene.

As part of the deal, the UK payment company will have access to Mazooma’s eCheck Select technology. Capable of accessing bank-level data, the software can conduct real-time ID checks on users as they make online payments.  

SafeCharge Addressing Identity Concerns

With geolocation and underage gambling controls an integral part of the US betting and gaming industry, the innovation will give SafeCharge a strong footing across the Atlantic. What’s more, thanks to partnerships with Ladbrokes and the Rank Group, the company has first-hand experience of gaming payments.

“By making eCheck Select available to provide real time ACH payments, we aim to support our customers successfully expanding into the US, further enhancing our innovative omnichannel Payments Engine designed to maximise payment conversions,” reads the January 29 press release.

The timing of SafeCharge’s announcement is significant given the recent issues raised by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Wire Act. In changing its opinion on the law governing cross-state wire communications land gambling, the DOJ has cast doubt over the future of US online gaming.

Innovations to Help US Betting and Gaming

Although the ramifications of the new opinion are yet to manifest themselves, industry insiders believe it could bring an end to online gaming and sports betting.

What’s more, leaked documents published by the Wall Street Journal show that Sheldon Adelson was influential in swaying the DOJ.  

As per the report, lobbyists connected to the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, the organisation sent memos to the DOJ. One of the main objections raised by Adelson-backed lobbyists is the idea that online gambling puts minors at risk.

However, what SafeCharge is able to do through its partnership with Mazooma is verify a user’s age, location, identity and credit rating.

Although this technology isn’t unique, SafeCharge’s entrance to the US market should help the fight for regulation. With states and operators preparing to push back against the Wire Act, tech innovation will only bolster their defence. With that being the case, SafeCharge’s move into the US could benefit more than its shareholders.

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