Unibet UK Launches Intelligent World Cup Chatbot

Unibet UK is using the 2018 World Cup to launch its new smart betting service powered by artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots.

AI chatbot.

Unibet UK has launched an AI-powered chatbot to make its World Cup betting experience better for punters. (Image: realestatetechnews.com)

Announced on June 4, the initiative will see Unibet’s Parent company the Kindred Group partner with Artificial Solutions to run a new Facebook service.

Harnessing the power of the latter’s Teneo software, the AI-powered chatbots will be able to understand standard conversations and call up relevant results.

A Smarter Service

Unlike chatbots that use algorithms to read through a database of keywords and common phrases, AI systems can use machine learning techniques to understand non-standard commands. According to Artificial Solutions’ website, Teneo uses “natural language” to converse like a real person.

“Teneo will deliver the personalized AI user experience your customers and employees want today, and the natural language capabilities to the build the cognitive apps they will demand tomorrow,” reads the promotional material on the Teneo website.

As well as understanding multiple pieces of information in a single sentence across 35 languages, the chatbots can remember user preferences and ask questions when more data is required. Using this system, Kindred will be offering Unibet UK customers easier access to odds throughout the World Cup.

Although the main service will be finding the latest odds, the bots will also be able to answer questions about fixtures, deal with over 100 FAQs and even place a bet for Unibet customers. What’s more, the Facebook bot will also be able to call a customer service agent when it’s unable to deal with a query.

Bookmakers Betting Big on the World Cup

With the 2018 World Cup set to start on June 14, the new service will enable Unibet followers to search through 1,000 betting markets for all 64 games. For the company itself, an innovative service could offer a vital advantage in a competitive market.

Ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, British bookmakers estimated it would be one of the biggest summers on record.

“Almost by definition, turnover increases exponentially every four years. We are very optimistic that there will be 1 billion or more pounds bet with British bookmakers,” William Hill’s Graham Sharpe told Market Watch back in 2010.

With the online betting industry increasing in size over the last eight years, it’s likely more than £1 billion in bets will be made when balls start to fly in Russia. For Unibet, taking advantage of AI technology appears to be the smart way of carving out a niche in the market.

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