UK Gambling Sites Put On Alert Following UKGC Enforcement Report

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has published a new Enforcement Report to show the steps it’s taken to improve the industry over the last 12 months.

UKGC Chief Executive Neil McArthur.

UKGC Chief Executive Neil McArthur posted a video to accompany the agency’s recent Enforcement Report. (Image: UKGC/YouTube)

In a preface to the main document, UKGC Chief Executive Neil McArthur reconfirmed the organisation’s stance on gaming and its mission to “raise standards” across the board.

Picking through the salient points, the Enforcement Report 2017-2018 highlights how the UKGC carried out investigations into 22 remote casino operators.

UKGC Taking Down Illegal Operators

Although certain brand names haven’t been named explicitly, the overview does make reference to customer interaction failings by Gala Interactive and 888 Gaming. One of the most significant statistics highlighted in the report is the increase in number of enforcement cases the regulator has taken against illegal gaming sites.

As per the statistics, the UKGC shutdown 40 unlicensed operators in 2015. In the last two years, that figure has increased to 57 (2016) and 61 (2017), respectively.

As well as giving interested parties an insight into its work, the report is intended to send a message to licensed operators across the country.

We want operators to pay attention to the lessons set out in this report. We want them to focus on ways to make gambling fairer and safer for consumers in Great Britain,” Neil McArthur said in a June 28 press release.

New Measures to Protect Children

With the agency becoming more efficient at stamping out illegal activity, the UKGC has sought to strike while the iron is hot and release a new set of requirements to protect children. Published almost in unison with the Enforcement Report, the official guidance has laid out four areas where action is needed:

“Access and exposure to gambling by children and young people.

Digital and online risks.

Preventative education and treatment.

Evidence collection and consumer engagement,” reads the June 26 guidelines.

In line with the new guidance, the UKGC is planning a series of “targeted compliance and enforcement” moves against operators failing to carry out proper age verification processes.

In between the child protection measures and Enforcement Report, the UKGC is sending a clear message to operators that licence breaches won’t be tolerated. As anti-gambling groups continue to lobby for change across all areas of the industry, the UKGC wants to ensure its licensees are working to the highest standards possible.

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