Senate Group Wants Operators to Embrace Responsible Gambling Message

The Senate Group is insisting that its responsible gambling campaign be adopted by operators across the industry.

When the fun stops, stop.

The Senate Group wants all UK operators to embrace its “when the fun stops, stop” campaign. (Image: YouTube/Sky Bet)

In a letter to UK licence holders, the organisation dedicated to tackling problem gambling highlighted the effectiveness of its “when the fun stops, stop” adverts. According to independent findings, the Senate Group’s campaign has reached 82 percent of gamblers in the UK and, in turn, helped 33 percent bet more responsibly.

The Most Effective Message

Following the success of the awareness effort, the Senate Group has urged all operators to embrace the message ahead of this summer’s sporting events.

“Some seven weeks before the football World Cup kicks off in Russia, during which an estimated £1 billion will be wagered in the UK on the competition, the gambling industry has an opportunity to demonstrate its global leadership in self-regulation,” Senet Group Chair Gillian Wilmot said in an April 30 press release.

Under guidelines set out by the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG), all licensed operators will be required to post a responsible gambling message on their TV adverts from June. However, the recently revised rules don’t stipulate how the message is conveyed or exactly what is said.

The Senate Group’s Wilmot believes that organisation’s “when the fun stops, stop” campaign should be seen as default method for all operators wanting to tackle the issue of problem gambling. While some may choose to create their own slogans, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) will be supporting any methods that improve social responsibility within the industry.

 UKGC Clear on Its Next Mission

In a report published on April 30, the UK regulator outlined its plans for the next 12 months. Listed as one of the main priorities for 2018-2019 is consumer protection.

As well as raising standards across the board, including the way gambling services re marketed, the UKGC wants developers to incorporate safety provisions during the design stages of their products.

Referred to as internal “control measures,” the UKGC believes that betting software can be built in such a way that it allows operators to spot instances of problem gambling earlier.

Like the Senate Group’s efforts, this push for greater accountability is part of the UKGC’s overarching goal of making the industry better for everyone.

“Our ambitious plans for the next 12 months and beyond are designed to enable us to continue to respond to emerging risks and issues in a way that balances consumer choice and enjoyment with the risks associated with gambling and the impact on wider society,” UKGC chair William Moyes wrote in an April 30 press release.

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