Microgaming Joins All-In Diversity Project’s Grand Plans

All-In Diversity Project.

Microgaming is set to work with the All-In Diversity Project and push for more equality in the gambling industry. (Image: YouTube/Kelly Kehn)

Microgaming has partnered with British-based initiative the All-In Diversity Project to help establish a set of industry standards for measuring and implementing inclusion and equality.

Announced on April 10, the deal will see Microgaming become a founding member alongside other gaming providers such as IGT, Kindred and GiG.

Although the All-In Diversity Project isn’t an official regulatory or rule-making entity like the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), it hopes to create a set of accepted codes of conduct by working with the leading brands.

A Powerful Partnership

The latest partnership with Microgaming is a chance for the group to not only extend its influence within the industry, but utilise the company’s expertise, resources and data.

“The team at Microgaming brings a breadth of industry knowledge and expertise to the table with their brands, products and policies as well as a real passion for people which is reflected in the diversity of their teams spread across the world,” All-In Diversity Project co-founder Kelly Kehn said in the April 10 press release.

The group’s aim is to bring more brands on board in the following months and to use their collective knowledge to compile annual reports. As well as tracking equality and diversity in the workforce, the reports will focus on recruitment issues, equal pay and corporate governance.

Using the findings as a base, the All-In Diversity Project and its partners will then work to establish a comprehensive database of best practices.

“We look forward to working with All-In Diversity Project and being part of the driving force aimed at creating a more inclusive environment within the industry for years to come,” John Coleman, Microgaming’s CFO, reiterated in the press release.

A Sign of the Times

Issues surrounding diversity have become big news over the last 12 months. In 2017, computer engineer James Damore was fired from Google for writing an internal memo that questioned some of the company’s recruitment policies regarding male and females.

The incident made international headlines and reignited the debate over sexual inequality on both sides of the divide. Picking up on the zeitgeist, Tina Thakor-Rankin and Kehn set-up the All-In Diversity Project in 2017.

Using their 30+ years of combined experience in gambling, the two executives are hoping to target areas of inequality and make the industry more appealing to workers and consumers alike.

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