UK Gambling Trends Suggests Trust is Paramount for Consumers

The latest UK gambling trends show that operators with a reputation for being trustworthy are more likely to attract new customers according to the Gambling Commission.

UKGC Ben Haden.

UKGC program director Ben Haden tells operators to focus on social responsibility as more people ante up on their mobiles. (Image:

In summarising its annual report for 2017, the UK Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) program director Ben Haden said the organisation now understands consumers better than ever.

“Our new three-year strategy sets out our role in developing a strong evidence base and improved understanding of the impact gambling has on society,” Haden commented in an official UKGC press release.

Social Responsibility Remains a Priority

As well as getting a deeper insight into the UK’s betting trends, the regulator made it clear that social responsibility remains an important issue on a regulatory basis as well as for consumers.

“Our research shows the main factor that influences where someone gambles, is a company with a reputation for being fair and trustworthy. The message from that is clear – gambling companies that treat their customers well and act responsibly will be at an increasingly competitive advantage,” Haden continued.

According to the data, 33 percent of those surveyed believe that gambling is fair. That 1 percent drop in confidence came alongside the finding that 41 percent of people believe gambling is associated with crime (up from 39 percent in the year to December 2016).

More People Are Gaming on the Go

On a more positive note, participation rates among UK bettors had either stayed closed to last year’s figures or improved. Overall, 45 percent of people had gambled in the four weeks prior to being surveyed in 2017, which is comparable to 2016’s 48 percent.

Although fewer people were betting in 2017 than the previous year, more were doing so online. According to the statistics, 18 percent of people will have gambled online within the last four weeks and, interestingly, 51 percent of those anteing up online are doing so via a mobile device.

Mobile betting and gaming has long been on the increase and the latest figures from the UKGC seem to confirm that fact. A case in point is Sky Betting and Gaming. Reporting its annual figures back in November 2017, the operator noted that 80 percent of its group revenue is now derived from mobile play.

That trend is one that’s quickly being replicated across the UK’s top operators and would suggest that more money will be going into the development of mobile products in the coming years. However, for the UKGC, the evolution of mobile gaming must not come at the expense of security, integrity or social responsibility.

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