BGO to Keep Tabs on Rogue Affiliate Adverts

Bgo Entertainment has stepped up its compliance strategy by signing a deal with affiliate monitor, Rightlander.

bgo Rightlander deal

Bgo partners with Rightlander to ensure any promotional material complies with the UKGC’s responsible gambling conditions. (Image: YouTube/bgo)

Announced at the close of February, the partnership will allow bgo to track the activity of its affiliates and ensure that no marketing material breaches UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) guidelines.

“We understand the importance of making sure that consumers get the right information about the offers that our affiliate partners promote for us on our behalf,” Allan Turner, BGO’s chief marketing officer, told iGamingbusiness.

Rightlander Going After Wrong Information

Rightlander announced the launch of its new gambling focused software back in December 2017. Taking its existing page tracking software, the company now allows betting brands to supply a list of affiliate websites that need to be monitored.

Using an algorithm, Rightlander’s program scans internet pages for any references to gambling or the brand in question. This data is then collated into a database which operators can then use to identify any unwanted or misleading material.

Bgo’s decision to partner with Rightlander comes after it was fined £300,000 by the UKGC for advertising failures. The industry regulator initially identified issues with bgo’s own marketing material and that of its affiliates back in 2015.

Despite the warnings, a pattern of consistent failures was identified and a fine was issued in May of 2017. With social responsibility a hot topic, the UKGC made it clear that the punishment was designed to serve as a warned to all operators.

“We want operators to take note that the issues identified in the decision notice are likely to form the basis for future compliance assessments and could lead to enforcement action,” then Program Director at the UKGC Paul Hope explained in an official press release.

BGO Clear on Compliance

As well as working with Rightlander to ensure none of its affiliates make ambiguous or false claims, bgo introduced a new bonus policy in October 2017. Aiming to eliminate any confusion surrounding the way its bonuses are unlocked, the company created “fair spins.”

Under the new system, free spin bonuses aren’t subject to win limits or wagering conditions (extra bets required to release a bonus). Instead, players receive one fair spin for every £1 they deposit (up to a maximum of 50) and any money they win is there’s to keep.

Wagering conditions have long been misunderstood by inexperienced players and the UKGC has made it a priority to tackle the issue at all levels.

For bgo, the simple solution was to create a new system which is now being seen as a blueprint for other operators looking to comply with gaming regulations.

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