Online Betting Boom Boosts Football Sponsorship Deals

University of Glasgow betting.

Research from the University of Glasgow has shown that 50% of Premier League clubs had betting sponsors in 2016/2017. (Image:

Online betting sites have become a major presence in professional football across England according to the new research.

Charting the rise of betting sponsors in football, researchers at the University of Glasgow and Healthy Stadia found that online operators now control 95% of the market.

Sampling 79 sponsorship deals made since 2005, the academics noted that 75 were between betting companies and football clubs.

Relaxed Rules Cause Influx of Betting Sponsors

Prior to a relaxation of the rules regarding sponsorship deals in 2005, just four English clubs had links to sportsbooks, casinos and poker sites. Commenting on the data, Dr Chris Dunn of the University of Glasgow was concerned.

“The intensification of the relationship between football and gambling advertising is highly likely to contribute to the normalisation of gambling, or what some have called the gamblification of sports,” Bunn stated in the recent report.

Looking specifically at the English Premier League (EPL) during the 2016/2017 season, the data shows that 50% of the teams in action had a betting sponsor. With a global audience of approximately three billion, major brands have been prepared to spend large sums of money to secure sponsorship deals.

According to Statista, the combined value of kit sponsorships during the 2016/2017 was £226.5 million. With the numbers Given the potential exposure, betting operators have been keen to infiltrate the market and they’ve not been afraid to use their growing stature to make this happen.

Online Growth Results in More Partnerships

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) confirmed that online betting sites now generate the most money per annum inside the industry. Reviewing the action between April 2016 and March 2017, the UKGC found the gross gambling yield (GGY) for remote operators was £4.7 billion.

Aside from being a 10.1 percent increase on the previous accounting period, the sector’s share of the UK GGY rose by 1.5 percent to 34 percent. Given the growth of online and mobile betting, the rise in sponsorship deals is hardly surprising.

What’s also interesting about the recent trend in football is other industry players are joining the mix. At the start of January, Daub Alderney Ltd agreed terms with Championship side, Ipswich Town FC.

Despite some backlash from fans, the deal is worth £2 million to the club. While the first team shirts will now display the Magical Vegas Casino logo, Daub Alderney Ltd is a company that owns betting sites and marketing channels.

With partnerships now including marketing companies as well as casinos et al, it looks as though links between betting and football will continue to grow.

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