UKGC’s New Strategy to Make Betting More Fair for Consumers

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is pushing to make all forms of betting in the UK more fair and safer for consumers with its new regulatory strategy.

UKGC Executive Director Sarah Gardner.

UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) Executive Director Sarah Gardner outlines the regulator’s new plans to make betting more consumer friendly. (Image: YouTube/Gambling Commission)

Published on November 14, the new guidelines will cover five key areas in a bid to improve services for customers while simultaneously reducing the risks for individuals and society as a whole.

In a short video summarising the UKGC’s new strategy, Executive Director Sarah Gardner explained that consumers were at the heart of the latest policies.

“We want to protect them [consumers] from gambling related harm and keep gambling fair and safe,” Gardner said via the Commission’s YouTube channel.

UKGC Working for Consumers

At the heart of the new strategy is a push to make consumers more aware of the ways they can play and the specific details of each promotion, offer or game.

In a broader sense, the plan will give consumers a greater ability to make informed decisions and, moreover, access ways to manage their gambling habits.

This move towards a more transparent live and online betting industry in the UK has gradually taken shape over the last 18 months. Even before the new guidelines were published, the UKGC had taken steps to punish operators that failed to adequately inform and protect their players.

The £300,000 fine BGO received back in May was one of the largest to-date and stemmed from a series of unclear adverts. After initially raising concerns over the clarity of BGO’s adverts back in May 2015, the UKGC found a consistent lack of information about bonuses both onsite and across the operator’s affiliates.

New Strategy Could Lead to New Innovations

This failure to clearly explain what was meant by bonus funds not only broke the UKGC’s code of conduct, but went against its drive to make online offers less obscure.

In light of the fine, BGO went on to remove wagering requirements and create a bonus system that rewards players for the bets they’ve made rather than the bets they’ll make in the future.

With the UKGC planning to roll out its new strategy over the next three years, we could see more innovations like the one at BGO. Indeed, as regulators around the world continue to push for greater controls over operators, the UKGC’s new strategy could become the blueprint for changes not just in the UK, but around the world.

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