Snooker World Champion Stuart Bingham Banned for Betting

Former snooker World Champion Stuart Bingham has been suspended from the sport for staking more than £36,000 on matches.

Stuart Bingham betting.

2015 Snooker World Champion Stuart Bingham has been suspended for six months following a betting infraction. (Image: Wikimedia/DerHexe)

Following a review of the 2015 World Champion’s betting accounts, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) has suspended the pro for six months. Although half of the ban will be suspended until October 2018, Bingham will miss the UK Championship at York in November and the Masters in London at the start of the New Year.

Bingham Raises the Stakes

In addition to his suspension, the world number nine must pay £20,000 in costs. According to the chairman of World Snooker Limited, Barry Hearn, Bingham admitted to a small amount of betting, but not the full extent.

Over the course of several years, Bingham gradually increased the number and size of the bets he made across two accounts. Between 2009 and 2010, he wagered just £424.44. By 2014, the Essex native wagered £4,000 in a single year.

As well as betting on snooker matches he wasn’t involved in, the report shows that Bingham used his manager’s account to wager money on his own games. Although there is no suggestion that Bingham altered his play in order to win a bet, it has made the case more serious in the eyes of the sport’s governing body.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Like football, professional snooker doesn’t allow pros to bet money on their own sport. Earlier this year, the FA found that Joey Barton had placed more than 1,200 football bets, the former Burnley midfielder was banned for 18 months.

Although Bingham won’t have to watch from the side-lines for that long, the WPBSA has taken swift and decisive action to ensure snooker’s reputation isn’t tarnished.

“This case shows that there are no exceptions to the rules. Players must understand that they cannot bet on snooker at all, even if they are not involved in a match or event,” said WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson.

Bingham has so far declined to comment on the issue, but he has thanked his fans for their support so far.

“In China at the moment so waiting till I get home and talk to my team about making a statement on my ban. Thanks for all the support,” Bingham tweeted on October 25.

Bingham now has until November 6 to make an appeal against the decision.

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