New Deals for Playtech BGT Sports Reshaping the UK Betting Industry

Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) has extended its ever-growing stable of betting partners by signing deals with five new operators.

Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) deals.

Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) is helping to shape the future of the UK betting industry with new partnerships. (Image:

As part of its corporate mission to stretch its betting expertise beyond the online gaming world, PBS has been gradually extended its network of live betting partners in recent years.

Earlier in 2017 the sports betting software provider extended its deals with many of the UK’s top operators such as Betfred.

Playtech BGT Sports on the Move

In addition to these contract extensions, PBS rolled out new self-service betting terminals (SSBTs) at Chester Racecourse and finalized a deal with Coral.

However, the latest round of talks has seen PBS cut deals with a group of independent betting operators.

Just as the industry’s major players are looking to embrace new technology, smaller companies like BG Bet, Wilf Gilbert, Sean Graham, Star Sport Mayfair and Victoria Gate Casino have joined the mix.

With the lines between live and online betting being continually eroded, operators of all sizes require a greater synergy between their products. PBS and its Playtech ONE software has become one of the leading Omni-channel solutions in the last two years.

In simple terms, this technology gives customers the ability to play any game at any time and from any location. Based on this, Playtech ONE is becoming a necessary tool for all operators.

UK Betting is Changing

The recent deal between PBS and Coral is perhaps the best example of how cross-platform compatibility is now shaping the UK betting industry. Under the new partnership, Coral can now offer and track player activity for games across multiple platforms.

Customers use a single wallet, which means they can use their funds to play the same game in a live setting, online or via their mobile. Linking this with the Coral Connect reward system then allows players to receive for their play, and therefore bonuses, regardless of the medium they’re using.

Unlike the iGaming industry back in the early noughties, operators now have to find ways to link their services. With margins being squeezed due to increased regulation and taxation, the only way modern operators can survive is to offer greater accessibility and more betting opportunities.

This strategy hasn’t been lost on the smaller companies out there. PBS might be part of a software company that generated more than $800 million in 2016, but its latest deals suggest that the industry as a whole is in a state of change.

With betting operators of all sizes realizing the need for Omni-channel technology, it’s clear PBS is helping to shape the future of the UK betting industry.

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