Paddy Power Chatbot Ready to Take Your Bets

Paddy Power is about to make sports betting even easier by launching a fully integrated Facebook chatbot service.

Paddy Power Facebook bot.

Paddy Power has released the first ever Facebook chatbot that can place bets for customers. (Image:

As of November 2016, Facebook was home to approximately 34,000 chatbots and now Paddy Power is joining the party with its own betting focused product.

Paddy Power first launched its Facebook chatbot back in April when it was branded as a “betting and entertainment” hub.

According to the site’s literature, users could only use the early chat service to get betting news, find odds and use the “entertain me” button. However, all that seems to have changed in recent weeks thanks to the operator’s partnership with the bot developer, Onionsack.

A Clever Betting Bot

In a statement released by Paddy Power’s product director Michael Healy, the bot now has the power to place bets for customers.

“Nearly all of Paddy Power’s customers are on Facebook, and now they can actually place a bet through the Facebook Messenger app with ease. Our customers will be able to request odds and receive push notifications tailored to their own betting interests,” explained Healy.

The bot is the first of its kind, but it likely won’t be the last. With Facebook able to process Messenger payments and Paddy Power being given the green light for betting, more operators will likely follow suit in the coming months.

For punters, this signals another step towards a personalized betting service. As well as being fully automated and, therefore, more efficient, the chatbot can tailor betting suggestions based on your wagers and social media profile.

Much like Google can target ads based on your search history, it looks as though the Paddy Poker bot is the start of the next generation of betting technology.

WAG Wagers £100K in Manchester Casino

In other UK gambling news this week, a footballer’s wife (WAG) has reportedly dropped £100,000 in a Manchester casino. To make things even more interesting, the six-figure downswing occurred in the same casino Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney lost £500,000 in early in May.

According to a report by The Sun on Sunday, the unnamed woman was playing roulette at Manchester’s 235 Casino and lost big over the course of a few hours. Despite being unsubstantiated, a mystery source told the newspaper that the woman’s partner (allegedly a footballer but also unnamed) is concerned she may have a gambling problem.

“His wife enjoys the finer things in life and the trappings of wealth. But he was shocked to learn she had lost so much money in one go,” claims the source.

Whether the story checks out or not is unclear, but with the likes of Rooney already spotted losing a hefty sum, there’s no doubt betting and those in football have a swingy relationship.

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