IP Issues Mean British Horseracing Punter Loses Out On £10,000

British horseracing is causing a stir in more ways than one this week after two different bets led to two very different outcomes.

Kerry McKay loses £10,000.

Kerry McKay has missed out on a £10,000 payout despite making all the right moves at the recent Cheltenham Festival. (Image: Sunday Mail)

When Kerry McKay played the Pick 7 game on Sky Bet, she never expected her horses to win at Cheltenham Festival and net her £10,000.

However, despite banking a hefty sum of money, the 25-year-old’s dreams quickly turned to a nightmare after Sky Bet refused to pay the money into her account.

A month after scooping her unexpected win, McKay told Scottish newspaper The Daily Record that she’s been denied the £10,000 because Sky Bet claims she breached their terms and conditions.

Multiple Accounts Cause One Major Issue

Because there is more there is more than one Sky Bet linked to the IP address McKay uses, the operator is within its rights to suspend the account and deny any payments.

“By receiving multiple entries from the same customer, there has been a breach of our Pick 7 game’s terms and conditions. We will therefore award the prize money to the runner-up,” a spokesperson for Sky Bet told The Daily Record.

McKay, however, argues that other accounts are registered to members of her family and she wasn’t trying to gain an unfair advantage by using multiple accounts to place bets.

One of the main things online betting operators stress is that customers can’t claim bonuses or anything else if the same IP address is linked to more than one account. High profile incidents from the online poker world, such as the time Sorel Mizzi was caught using multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage in MTTs, has made operators sensitive to this issue.

Regardless of whether McKay intentionally tried to bend the rules or whether she simply didn’t realise that she was in breach of the rules, the fact remains that Sky Bet’s terms provide a clear resolution to issues such as this. For McKay, that resolution is one that will ultimately leave her £10,000 out of pocket.

Extra Digit Earns Punter a Bigger Payout

While McKay is ruing her luck with the horses, Alex Blackwell is celebrating his mistake before the Grand National on April 8. The 38-year-old was one of the many punters smiling when One for Arthur crossed the line first in the world’s greatest hurdles race.

However, thanks to an extra 0, Blackwell was smiling a little more. Despite intending to bet £20 on the horse at 16-1, Blackwell accidently staked £200.

Had the race not gone the way he hoped, Blackwell might not have been so pleased with the result. As luck would have it, things did go his way and he was able to withdraw his £2,200, unlike McKay who is considering “further action” according to The Daily Record.

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