William Hill Takes Sponsorship Reins for ITV Racing in 2017

William Hill to sponsor ITV racing.

William Hill wins the race to become ITV’s broadcast partner when it takes the reins of UK racing in 2017. (Image: news.williamhill.com)

William Hill will become the corporate face of British horse racing thanks to a £10 million sponsorship deal with ITV.

Back in January 2016, ITV shocked many in the racing world by beating Channel 4 and Sky Sports to win the broadcast rights for the sport in the UK.

Channel 4 has been the home of British racing on TV since 1984. But, following a bidding process, the broadcaster was forced to give up its tenure.

A New Face for Racing

Although ITV’s bid wasn’t made public, it’s believed it was a lot higher than the £15 million Channel 4 offered for the four-year contract which will start in 2017. What is known, however, is that ITV will screen between 25 and 40 days of top flight racing with a further 90 days of coverage being shown on ITV4.

What’s also now known is that bookmaker William Hill will have the naming rights for all of ITV’s broadcasts. The previous sponsor, Dubai, decided not to renew its contract earlier this year calling the switch to ITV a “natural point of change.”

With the chance to gain additional exposure to racing fans up for grabs, William Hill offered a reported £10 million to secure the sponsorship rights for four years.

This deal will see the operator’s logo and adverts shown during broadcasts and will complement the branding it currently enjoys at course around the country.

Clinton vs. Trump Gets Bettors Betting

In other UK gambling news this week, British bookmakers have said that betting for the US election has reached record levels. In an article published on CNBC, Betfair stated that its “Next President” market has already attracted more than 2012’s £40 million total.

As well as beating 2012’s betting activity, Betfair spokeswoman Naomi Totten said that the wagers were also expected to top the Brexit vote. The UK’s vote to leave the EU attracted one of the biggest turnouts in British voting history and that was reflected in the betting with £128 million staked at Betfair.

However, with the Trump vs. Clinton showdown stirring up interest around the world, Betfair had already recorded £104 million in bets by November 6. Although the betting lines have moved a number of times over the last 11 months, Clinton has always held the lead.

In fact, despite recent revelations by Wikileaks hurting her credibility in some areas, she was still the bookmakers’ favourite heading into the November 8 voting.

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