Gambler Tries to Blackmail Amir Khan with Fake Sex Tape

Gambler tries to blackmail Amir Khan.

Gambling addict tries to blackmail Amir Khan (pictured) with a spectacularly inept sex tape plot. (Image:

A gambler’s attempt to blackmail British boxer Amir Khan has failed after it emerged that the alleged “sex tape” never existed.

Hamza Din, who has been described as having a gambling problem and mental health issues, contacted Khan’s management team demanding a significant amount of money in exchange for the sex tape.

Although an actual amount wasn’t specified, Din warned Khan’s team that if they didn’t meet “the price,” then he would hand over the clip to the media.

No Girl, No Tape, No Clue

Unfortunately for Din, there was no “girl” as he claimed and, to make matters worse, the police were able to locate him with relative easy. As heard in court, Din sent the emails under the name Harry Dean but he failed to mask his IP address.

After tracing the IP to Din’s parents’ house in Durham, the police arrested him and later discovered that there was no evidence of a sex tape.

In defence of his client, Simon Myerson QC explained that Din’s mental health problems had caused him to have issues with gambling. That fact led him to try and blackmail Khan in “spectacularly inept” fashion, said Myerson.

Hearing the case, Judge Richard Gioserano found Din guilty but adjourned sentencing until a later date. As for Khan, despite not being present in court, he said he hoped that other people don’t get “put in a position” like the one that he found himself in.

Clinton and Trump at Odds

In other UK gambling news this week, Hillary Clinton is a clear favourite in the US election betting stakes according to Ladbrokes and Betfair.

The UK bookmakers have been keeping tabs on the Clinton vs. Donald Trump battle for the past few weeks and, according to their odds experts, the former was as much as an 85 percent favourite at one point.

As is often the case when it comes to elections, the stats can often be skewed depending on the media source you take them from. However, what it clear is that the race has become a lot tighter since the FBI’s James Comey told the media that it has more “Clinton emails.”

With that issue now coming back to the fore, the odds on a Trump victory appear to be shifting. CNN recently suggested the gap was just five percent and that appears to be reflected in the latest betting markets.

Indeed, since October 26th when CNBC reported that Clinton was an 85 percent (2/11) favourite, the odds have changed.

At the time of writing, Ladbrokes had Clinton drifting at 4/11, while Trump was coming in from 6/1 to 2/1. Although Clinton is still the clear favourite, the odds suggest that the tides may be starting to turn ahead of the November 8 showdown.

However, regardless of the result, it certainly seems as though British bettors are keen to take a punt on the latest US presidential election.

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